Monday, February 13, 2012


Last night I received a text from Coach Been.  It was a photo of Miss Mattie and her puppy in front of a roaring fire.  His message said, "Aren't I lucky?"

I told Miss Mattie this morning he was my #2 Valentine and responded to him that we were all very blessed to love each other.

In honor of Valentine's Day, here is a special look at Coach Been's new room at 822
It is filled with angels, nudes and suggestive reading because Betty needs a cousin.
Besides a few things I already had, this was a gift from a friend and became my inspiration for how I wanted this room to feel.  Soft~colors and otherwise.
This used to be in my bedroom.  I adore this precious face.  When I finally get a bedroom, it may go back there, but for now it is perfect in here.
I have not been able to come up with just the right headboard but this has some potential
Another angel that is here now but will be to die for where I have planned for her to finally be

ok... the other NUDES
from one of my favorite artists Kader Boly
a very old print that will soon have a better frame...I love this old print because it features both a nude and an angel
same here...I LOVE Cupid and sometimes I work for him when time and season allow
This vintage print is dreamy
and speaking of dreamy...these curtains remind me of a wedding dress and we have one beautiful wedding dress in our future!
remember I mentioned suggestive reading?
notice that precious pouting photo of Mattie when she was about 6
we hide this book under the top one on the nearby nightstand
When we first purchased 822, Mattie told me she loved this gold foil (from the 60's) it became the focal wall in her room.  I can't quite get the bedding right..but this is here for now.  I am seeking old linens, lots of fluffy down, subtle colors and for sure that angel vibe!  Be looking for a photo that has these wings with Coach Been's face shopped in.
I'm thinking the angel wings will make a good replacement for a headboard until I can find one.
It has to be just the right thing for this room..and I have looked a lot of places!  Someday at some auction I will find an entire bedroom suite that has lots of soul.
Again..this bedding seems too "colorful" but up close it's pretty sweet
and a gazebo in which to kiss
And speaking of soul...I think the way this photo turned out is just amazing!  The glass caught the morning sun reflection and it seems as though the angel's bow has fire.

What a precious little cupid waiting for instructions...I just love love!

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