Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Is here.

Conversation between me and oldest peep on the subject of Lent:

Peep:  I think I'm going to give up drinking all together this year (last year she gave up caffeine and I might add I was extremely proud of her commitment and follow through)
Me:  Do you remember the year I gave up drinking on Sunday? (not so great of a follower through as she)

I was just having a conversation last week with BFF JoJo and we were discussing self indulgence and this is a lifetime quality I would really like to embrace....or lack of it, to be clear. (Heavy cream in coffee, too much wine at dinner, more than one slice of pie, too many trinkets and too much clutter)

So early this morning I had a long soulful search with myself and a nice long soulful visit with God about just what I needed to give up this year in my effort to exhibit my faithfulness and endurance of temptation.

In the past I have given up cursing (which worked fairly well for the most part) cokes which has lasted since I gave them up...and a few other things.  But this year?  This year I think I will  try a different perspective.

I'm not that savvy on all the rules and regulations, but I think you are to overindulge on Fat Tuesday, mark your forehead with an ash cross on Wednesday that begins your 40 day period of ...self control, to do without what you have promised to give up.

I have decided to give up guilt.  I am giving up feeling guilty for celebrating my very good life.

I am nice.  I am a good person and try to do good things for those that I love and those I might not even know.  I am lucky...in fact the luckiest girl I know.  My life is abundant.  It overflows.  And quite frankly, I'm pretty gosh darn happy about it.

So this year, you won't find me wailing at the wall in sackcloth and ashes for that one thing I am missing...oh no...instead you will find me celebrating, without guilt, all that I have...and sharing it.

I think God might be ok with that angle.

I am really thinking this year of the contrast of Mordecai and Esther both faithful and humble servants of the Lord..one in sackcloth and one in the finest of garments.

And I choose her. "God has brought me into the palace for a time such as this!"

This is one FAT TUESDAY! And I am going to begin this season of lent with a very grateful heart!


Stacy Curran said...

What a great post. I love that you are giving up guilt. We all should, for things we shouldn't feel guilty about anyway. I loved this!

Señorita said...

Oh, I love the idea of giving up guilt... I think it would be a sin to not celebrate what God has given us. God does not condemn us; he convicts us which is very different. Enjoy your year of celebrating your life :)


LKB said...

I'm pretty much sure that "guilt" is so much a part of my personality that I would have a hard time separating myself from it. But....I will take that word and twist around with it a bit and promise that I will try very hard to eliminate the thought "I'l quit". I promise to keep on keeping on as long as God gives me the means to do so. Thanks for the post. Knowing you just a little I don't think you have a danged thing to feel guilty about.

PURA VIDA said...

Thanks for the comments hons!

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

LOVE the thought of no more guilt....think I would feel quilty about it though(OPPS) Have to thank you for your note today....really made me smile! xo

Kelly said...

I so love this I can't begin to tell you! Being a Catholic guilt is pretty much a large part of my mental makeup. I spoke with my priest once and he said he always tells people to do something extra instead of giving something up. Do something to make you a better person and make someone else feel good. I mentioned this to my son, who promptly told me he thinks this is a great idea and I should exercise for lent...so I would live longer...it would make me better and him happy! He is a smart little bugger.