Thursday, February 16, 2012


Why do I blog?

Well the answer to that question has evolved into more than one answer.

Most folks who don't like blogging think the blogger is narcissistic which is totally not true of myself and the proof of that is how I I'm about to spray paint in my garage most days, which is what I would do if it were not full of stuff that needs to go in the attic or the master bedroom which is not built yet.

My blogging began in an attempt to set the record straight about my JOB!

When we first began the High Plains Observer our competitor (the paper paper) was none too happy.  In an editorial, the kind preacher editor wrote a letter to the editor about the newest "blog" which made me feel like I needed to prove to him and the rest of the world the difference between a blog and an online news site, which I might add has been very successful for nearly 6 years now.

My bo-peep's bff blogs I Heart Galveston and so I asked her permission if I might use her as an example of a blog
 I began a column called "Lizzy's Blog" and boy howdy did our readers love it!  She is a self proclaimed kookoo bird and from our little corner of the world created a sort of cult following.  Funny thing is when I went to the post office people would ask me if I was Lizzy.  No...she is a real girl!

Then we expanded into other sites in other towns and so each site has a blogger.
Embrace the Grace in Perryton
The Cherry Bowl in Hutchinson County
and so began PURA VIDA for Dumas.

This is much like my eBay career...I began selling on eBay and now it seems like all I do is buy...
marble sinks, stain glass windows, feather pillow inserts, and let's not forget apothecary.

So I have come full circle and now I blog so I can read and enjoy things like...

 fields of lavender
or pretty ways to make up a bed
or how I want my tower to look
or what kind of tile do I want in my soon to be master bathroom

My bffs were chatting the other evening and began to talk about blogging and how much we love to read the home design blogs. are my number 5 reasons that I am now addicted to blogging

1.  During my insomnia I cozy up in my fluffy down while the owls hoot out my window, grab my iPad and look at pretty things, versus worrying about all my goblins looming in the night

2.  Design magazines are EXPENSIVE!  I could possibly purchase a new couch for what I am saving in blogging for free!

3.  I am an "old greenie"...I am saving trees!  I used to tear out the pages in those magazines and throw away the I just save the photos I like to have on hand as long as I want!  Technology is cool that way!

4.  I love design and pretty photos...but some bloggers are a hoot!  They make me laugh!

5.  I get inspired!  I mean really really inspired.  To create, to recreate what I've seen, to do something outside the box, to share, to imagine.  To know is imagine is everything!

and last but not included in the top 5 is this...

I like to believe that in some small way the things I write and the photos I share might inspire my very small readership in the same way that I get inspired.  I am not private, I type like I talk, I am very random and I'm just really not too concerned about criticism or folks thinking I'm all about me...I write Pura Vida so it has to be about the things I do...I'm pretty comfortable with that!

doesn't this make you just want to go to Paris in the winter?


HolleyGarden said...

Interesting. Every blogger has a reason why he/she started blogging, though I didn't know some people think bloggers are narcissistic! I've never met a nicer group of people.

LKB said...

Perhaps I might be just a touch narcissistic - or perhaps merely "touched." I might never be dedicated enough to "journal" or untidy enough to scrapbook (because my dogs eat all bits of unattended paper) I find I can dash off snippets of my life on a pretty regular basis. My life is so chaotic, my thinking so skewed, my brain such a strange little place I think others might be relieved to know they are not alone in their unusualness. Thank you for blogging - thank you for allowing me a "voice" in your world. Thank you for letting me write like I think and speak.

PURA VIDA said...

Not a nicer and more fun group of people for sure!