Thursday, February 16, 2012


I appreciate you and what you have to go through for either your job or your passion.

Last night you called right in the middle of solving a Wheel of Fortune Prize Puzzle and in case you didn't know, that's what we do around here.  

We eat Hamburger Helper and watch Wheel of Fortune that at times can get kind of competitive btw.

You were fundraising on behalf of church and because of that I really hate to make fun.

We had just had an eyeopening meeting with our pool contractor and needed a little drinkipoo to go with our Hamburger Helper.  Your timing was not the best so when you were turned down for a donation to your foundation it was very sweet of of you to ask if we had prayer concerns and yes we thought of some later.  I may call you after lunch to let you know what they are.

1.  Our pool bid was $87,000.00+
2.  Hubby has hate in his heart for telemarketers
3.  We drink alcohol with Hamburger Helper...often.
4.  I may have missed my Spin I.D. call?

That's all.  Thank you for your call.

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