Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Something about forcing bulbs makes a girl believe that spring is just around the corner
and that makes me feel like spring cleaning

I haven't lived in this house long enough to spring clean and besides we are about to begin Phase II of construction so that kind of cleaning will do me little good.  Much of the construction will be going on at a different place and so won't really affect us like what we were living in this time last year.

B's Granky gave us his buffet to match the china cabinet we purchased at his great grandmother's auction.
They kind of have an Asian influence to them.  Needs some you agree?

The diamond beveled windows create the most lovely shadows on the wall--morning or night

This is a mirror not a painting.  The mirror captured the image of the painting on the adjacent wall

In the sunny kitchen window are some spirited daffodils that turn to the morning sun.  The frozen ground is such a contrast.  The bulbs give me a reason to believe someday soon I will be hosing off that drive on the hottest of summer my bare feet! brrrr!

I'm really crazy about this whole burlap thing!

B gave me some orchids from Hawaii for Valentine Day

I hope this kale will make it through the winter after all...I have just the right place for it

New palm fronds...yay!  Something about forcing those bulbs!

mmmm....the fragrance of this purple hyacinth!
I purchased a blooming ginger plant in honor of my new favorite martini..
the ginger martini...tasty!
My bff gave me this sweet little cedar for Christmas...I am so proud I have kept it alive and even growing!

Forcing bulbs...and taking photos of growing green...a good thing to do on a winter day with the high in the 20's.

It gives a girl belief!

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HolleyGarden said...

Highs in the 20's! Brrr! I need to force some bulbs, obviously, if it would make me want to clean house! ;) Your daffodils are gorgeous, too. I like them wrapped in the burlap.