Saturday, February 4, 2012


I have commented before that some women are addicted to chocolate and I am addicted to apothecary
I just love love love glass
or old
fine perfume bottles or bottles found in the backyard like this one in the background with a sweet bee on it
old cosmetic jars with silver lids
old grocery store jars for seashells
When I had the Bishop Cottage, I got in the habit of collecting hotel soap.  They are so pretty!
this jar holds all kinds of things from lavender to moss to vintage Christmas balls..whatever is in season
a man can never have too many white shirts and a woman can never have too many cloches
to fill, reflect and shine
I even use it to store simple things like flour and sugar and not sure what the empty one will hold yet
I don't bake cakes so I use my cake plate to hold other things like vintage silver and white butter pats
I might use these for something different at some other time but today they are in the bar
hotel shampoo and shower gels are pretty too
one of these is old one is made to look old

In my garage are all kinds of glass jars filled with sand and shells and sea glass and a wine cork or two from trips to the beach...just waiting for the right place to be displayed in the master bathroom.
never can have too much!

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