Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Love love love the all white, tone on tone look....I really do love it and no matter how hard I try to go for it? 
Something gets in the way...and that something seems to be

Coach Been's room began with, of course the gold foil wallpaper left over from 1964
(Pretty sentimental toward many things this house has had for nearly 50 years)
The plan was to play off the gold and white and add just a tidge of purple...on one small wall and on the bathroom ceiling.  

Inspiration duvet from Pottery Barn...not that crazy about the purple but really do like the birds and flowers!

Vintage chenille pompom bedspread...ok...we can't forget the bride!  Pompoms, lace curtains...a few feather pillows here and there. (The window seat cushion is original...only today it's crushed OSU velvet and as you can see...not white...I have enough floral fabric to cover it, but I really do kind of like the old vintage velvet!)

Granny B's (for who bo peep is named for) chairs and drum table...uh oh.

My mother's tapestry table cloth that is large enough for a throw at the end of the bed...oopsie daisy!  That's what I get for digging around in all the packed up stuff.

So...where is all that white?

Right there....see it????

When I was musing through all the still packed away things in the garage...I came upon this mosquito net..in honor of my sister who thinks she contracted malaria while cleaning her pool this weekend.  Meant to be...and it's white! YAY!

I think I have discovered the problem...it's those gosh darn pillows!  I tossed them all out on the floor...

These are hand painted topiaries on beige tick pillows I painted a very long time ago

You can plainly see that beautiful old white bedspread (estate auction) and vintage crochet pillowcases (eBay)..getting covered up with color over and over

Like hubby layers his gourmet dishes...add in one green koi fish and flower table

and one chartreuse barrel table topped with extra grass cloth wallpaper

and there you have it...

one tone on tone nearly all white room!



Stacy Curran said...

So funny! But you do have so many beautiful things. Figuring out how to make them work can be tricky! i love the pillows

Leslie said...

Gorgeous colors and love the pillows!

HolleyGarden said...

haha - I love tone on tone, too, but just can't seem to get away from fabulous color, either. I think I'm happier with color surrounding me inside and out! Funny - I have that same PB duvet - I paired it with - gasp - orange! (I posted a teeny, tiny pic on 11-21.) I love the way you've used so many different patterns together. And the netting is gorgeous!

PURA VIDA said...

Thanks for your comments...I really love to leave them and read them!

Señorita said...

I love those tables!! They are so unique looking ;)


Taylor Greenwalt said...

Beautiful fabrics. Love how you layered them. Cant wait to see which one you will use.

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Wow I think this room has a bohemian chic feel to it! I really like it. Just an aside, do you think you can turn off word verification cuz now we all have to fill out 2 words and it makes one not want to leave a comment.

PURA VIDA said...

Ok...I think I have it changed..thanks Amy