Thursday, February 2, 2012


"God is Good Sabu" is a line from Out of Africa.   In a scene where her coffee farm has been totally lost in a fire, she says to a guest, "we may be all out of coffee, but I can offer you tea."

Often, my peep and I say this or text this to one another when we know God is Good..did you catch that I said "often"?

It's a very long story that begins with a house she wanted very badly and should not have purchased.  She will even say, "it's what I get for forcing the plan and making it happen".

She has been stranded with this house twice now.  A very expensive house that has given her the responsibility of two large mortgages all by herself.

Sadly, when it was first purchased was all she wanted.  A home and a family.  She made it happen and it was a struggle to do so, but happen it did.

And then...she lost it.  But due to circumstances, she got it back again...when she could least afford it.

Within the week, it was rented, for the amount of the payment for 18 months (this May).
Two days ago, she was given notice that her renter was moving and now she would have it again.

I know she prayed.

And it is a very long story, but within the week, it is rented once again, for the amount and will hopefully include a sale in six months.

She texted me yesterday to tell me the good news and at the same time we texted each other
God is Good

I told hubby good things just seem to happen to her and here's why..

1.  She prays and she prays in her closet
2.  She believes even in her turmoil
3.  She gives...she left for a trip yesterday but made sure her church had pies for Ground Hog Day Supper before she left
4.  She cares for others...she is probably the most generous person I have ever known.  I imagine I have no idea all the things she does for others.  This she also does in her closet.
5.  She inspires and I believe has caused others to believe by her actions.  She is a missionary in her sphere.

I have her baby and while I was at her house getting things, I grabbed her Scrabble game for us to play.

I took out the easel and in my kitchen window spelled with the wooden tiles...

God is Good

(ps...Sabu means Ma'am)

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