Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Or in this case his turtles, his rocks, his bugs, his.....
Our Choctaw Tribe is the Turtle Clan

Turtle shells are very useful to the tribe and so are silver baby cups

more turtles and a yellow poppy from last summer's golf

When we first purchased 822 Charles said most people downsize when they are emptynesters.
Not this house each one gets their very own room and bath..this is the entrance to his room upstairs

an oil painting of the old Bulls Inn

a large portrait of Grace and Charles and a carved St. Raphael welcome you

I was kind of going for an old English hunting lodge

Someday I hope there are doors and a balcony here but the alcove is nice

Inspiration to the theme is this oil painting done by B's great aunt Lil.  She was 13 when she painted it in 1909

I turned his Baboo's mink stole into some toss pillows...sometimes I regret this but I probably would have never worn the stole

The color choice came from this water color by Dord Fitz that we found at an auction

A dainty chandelier for Jena

A cross made from drift wood from the golf course

Embellished with Indian and Catholic charms

Rocks and butterflies

more rocks

and bugs

this old print kind of fits and offers a touch of humor

another boy and his dog

some women are addicted to chocolate...I am addicted to apothecary

A boy and his dog, and his turtles, and his rocks, and his bugs, and his wife on his birthday

with his very own room at 822 that is guarded by St. Michael

and a phone call to tell him about the day he was born  X 28

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