Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My BFF Khristi shared some decorating tips with me long enough ago that I can probably take credit for them by now.

1.  Every room must have something unexpected

For example:  a cow skin rug on a marble floor or rough cut granite sink set into dark walnut cabinets....or perhaps a whisper of pink on the walls of a formal living room (that happens to be in disarray at the moment)?

2. DO IT  B.I.G.

You know when you go into Anthropologie and you want everything you see because it is all so cool?  So you purchase the mercury glass candle stick, or the zinc letters, or the delicate cut glass vase and then when you get it home it just doesn't look the same as in the store?

That's because in the store the look is a concept but when you get those small items home they get lost in your room because you don't have a whole concept going.  To alleviate this...make your purchase make a one BIG thing rather than a few smaller things if you want to achieve a look you're going for. I have followed both rules.  
My living room about to turn music room has just the most pleasing ever so slight shade of pink on the walls that look quite smashing with the rough cut beams and all white fireplace!

And for the big?  

How about a freakin 1924 BABY GRAND!
Oh yeah!  B.I.G.
Just walked into Nest and there she sat...waiting for me for 88 years

I thought the space would be tight..but it actually looks small and I just have no idea what to put on this bench.  Ikat?  Paisley? Tufted Velvet?

Everything is moved around and many things will be gone from here in a day or so.  I think I sure do need a fern in front of that big window and I have a pink floral Out of Africa by the Fire Chair that might look nice.  Or maybe my cello and music stand?  Still thinking.

But I was pretty excited for the delivery and can't wait to sit myself down and play and I really can't wait to put Miss Betty's chubby little thumb on Middle C!

I just remembered I have an antique metronome that I shall go get in just about one second!  And maybe a big square basket for the tambourine, mandolin, ukulele and kazoo!

Anyone up for a hootnanny?


LKB said...

I'm thinking a hand needlepointed cushion for that baby grand - something beautifully floral or a staff with an elegant treble cleft. You are so crafty you can have one of those whipped out in no time flat.

Stacy Curran said...

Great great post...I totally agree about the unexpected!

Kelly said...

Oh my children would DIE for a music room. My husband and I have 4 children chock full of musical talent and we couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. I think the bench should have either a tapestry type fabric or go far in the other direction with a cream and maroon stripe...