Thursday, February 23, 2012


At our house if you break your plate you get a prize!

Just recently baby bo peep got her first ever real live grown-up job.  Now in all honesty, that child has worked all of her life, but this job at the American Cancer Society in Lubbock is the job she landed and wants to turn into her career..the one she went to Texas A&M (whoop!) for and the one she's getting her Master's at TEXAS TECH (guns up?) for.

She was so excited and words cannot explain how proud we are.  She listens to Dave Ramsey, she's in a marriage class with her fiance and all she really wanted to do with her 1st paycheck is buy a purse!  A real splurge.

This lovely thing is my version of LV.  A real antique and I called her the other night to tell her I wanted to give it to her.  She was, or acted like she was, very excited.  She hasn't seen it in a long time. :-)

I bought this purse many many years ago...maybe even for my 21st birthday.  It has seen better days and I know it's been out of the closet in the past year because it moved to 822..but before that...well in the below photo you can see the contents that prove it's age.

This white Easter shoe belonged to oldest peep and she is 31.  It came off during church and I never took it out.  You can also see a love letter from hubs on that yellow legal paper (I better read that first),  my mother's cigarette case, and that, yes, is a walnut.  And my baby bible.

The strap is broken, it is covered in sheet rock dust, the zipper features a safety pin closure and the contents are precious.  I so hope when I give it to her and she takes it..she has room for her things.  

It's pretty big.

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Amy @MaisonDecor said...

So cool! I love this purse from the past post!!! Say that five times fast.