Thursday, August 30, 2012


Last week, we were out back and Betty was sitting on the porch when I saw her mother snap a photo of her thumbs with her phone.

Me:  What are you taking a picture of?
Grace:  Betty's thumbs
Me:  I look and see how she's holding them
Grace:  I do that very thing strange
Me:  It is, I don't think I do it
Grace:  It must be a comfort thing


I am walking early in the morning and I realize

I am holding my thumbs, both hands, in the very same way
I cannot believe that I have never noticed it before and I never would have without Grace taking the photo


Grace buys me an owl necklace.  And then I buy her one.  And then she buys me another one.  Owls are back in style and I have discovered several around the house left here by Mike from the late 70's.  I find a very cool vintage orange one and buy it for Grace.  We laugh and more owl strange...


Betty:  Poppy I have a surprise for you..close your eyes and come with me
Me:  Don't let me crash into the wall
Betty: your eyes...her mother has given her a box containing all of her baby items (Grace's) which include the outfit she came home from the hospital in, a lock of hair, missing teeth, baby dolls and ....
Me:  BETTY...quick!  go tell your mother to come here right now!
Grace:  What!
Me:  I pull out...from the bottom of the box of precious items

a tiny brass owl that his been tucked away for 25 years


I think not

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


This was no ordinary garage sale!

When we arrived at the Been residence to begin our fun weekend
hubby said to me..."ooo there's a garage sale down the street"
to which I replied.."maybe I'll walk down later"

expensive mistake!

After we had skulked about all over Lubbock looking for cool stuff
since we need more cool stuff..really we do
Mattie and I made it down to her neighbor's house...
Sandra..who is from Columbia..the country

and this is what I found..the photo does not do it justice

EXACTLY what I have been looking all over for
but the hairstylist that bought it was to be back by 1 PM
with cash and if she didn't return..the table was mine!

I literally, I hate to admit it, but I literally went back to Mattie's in the quiet of my room and said a prayer
"I want that table...please oh please oh please let me have that table...please?"

but there was other cool stuff to buy!

like this cut lead decanter

to join hub's collection of vintage bar ware

and a set of glass tables that I put beside guest room bed
$30 for the pair

a piece to an old piano...where they foot pedals are? not sure, but
is this not an awesome architectural piece?

wine the dozen..we only took 3
we had golf clubs! it turns out, the hairstylist came back, cash in hand and picked up all her stuff
including the cool table
I literally, I hate to admit it, but I literally begged hubby to go beg her to buy it...right off her truck
reluctantly, he did and he offered her $75...she took it...if it had been me I would have said
but she took the money which proves
prayer works...even when you are being a spoiled brat

yep..this photo is in 

we also found this wonderful picture at a neat garden store

that I do believe I will hang on the Jerico wall instead of the Poppy 
which I originally planned

Hey....that looks like some pretty cool stuff all stacked up there 
waiting waiting waiting

and speaking of waiting

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This weekend was spent raising money and doing all we did for a good cause
and that good cause was 
the American Cancer Society 
where the New Mrs. Coach Been works

We spent a lot of time on Buddy Holly Avenue listening to live music beneath the big Texas Sky

and at the Caprock Winery

crushing the harvest with our feet

but the thing I can brag about the most is the golf tournament we played in
where we scored -11 and nearly got in a fight
~a worthy fight~
because the "intoxicated set of four" behind us kept hitting into us

in honor of the weekend,  I have taken this opportunity to brag
on Mattie's golf career
1st on the left with her golf team

and the fact that hubs would get in a fight on a golf course to come to the rescue of his team

don't let this easy going demeanor fool you

and I have taken liberty with old photos 
where some things are missing and some are added 
hair and weight--in that order
but skill is intact

and Coach Been?  If I had a photo of you golfing and 
could show how really great you are...I would put it here...but since I don't, everyone will just have to trust
that you are one heck of a good driver, chipper and a fancy putter
and son!  
Congratulations on Closest to the Pin!

Monday, August 27, 2012


It seems like the laughter at Gus Birdwell Elementary just ended.  Summer is now officially past.

822 is so close to the playground I can hear it from my backyard...but today...the laughter will be different

Grace was born in Hansford Hospital and I think I might have been the only patient besides seemed like we were in a spa...except for the ouchie part

But, when Charles was born, I was in a very large hospital on the maternity floor and he was one of 5 baby boys born that day

when they would wheel those hungry little boys down the hall

I promise you...I could hear his little cry over all the rest as he came my way

Today and this year...the laughter at Gus Birdwell Elementary will be different...

because mixed in with all those precious little voices will be a voice...the one giggle...that I will be able to hear above all the others...
as I listen to the laughter on the playground
at Gus Birdwell Elementary

Thursday, August 23, 2012



I want:

Q:  To be with people I love and who love me
A:  Love is not a feeling it's a choice

Q:  To be healthy
A:  I walk, I work out, I eat right and don't smoke or drink or chew

Q:  To have a comfy bed
A:  I ordered down pillows and beds and comforters from with $2.30 shipping every day

Q:  To travel
A:  Sometimes I can afford Santorini and sometimes I can afford Amarillo..they are both an adventure

Q:  I want to create...I need art
A:  822 S. Barkley

Q:  I want an abundant life to share
A:  Give

Q:  I want I want I want... my prayers and wants and desires
A:  Habakkuk 2: 2

Then the LORD replied: "Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it

I believe all that is asked of us is a heart of gratitude and simple faith

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Do you remember my friend Paula?

 I did a blog about her stairs. When she first moved to town, she hired me to create them....with much more than paint.   We became good friends and today I would have done them for free!
I used all kinds of colors, and papers, and jewels and name it...
it's on here--under a couple of thick coats of varathane

I really liked how they turned out
(I didn't take these photos)
They are very whimsical and they fit her fun personality

even though I could, I would not re-create this in our small town
so I have to come up with a different plan for my back of the house stairs leading to the art loft

only 7 will be in view unless you're walking up to the loft

and I think this is it...I know it's it--because

We've ordered tiles for our stairs like this

each stair will have 8 6x6 tiles

 and each stair will be
 different with (Jerico) greens, blues and oranges (no bright reds...softer colors)
with  dark scraped wood risers

This will be on the floor

I can't wait to see it all together...everything surrounding it will be a soft neutral (except for that one green wall) a big impact in a small space...lots of color...

kind of like

only not so cushy and quite a bit taller

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Am I the only one that does this?

I will only choose a paint color if I like the name of it...if I don't...I will stay on the search for just the right color with just the right name

for example:  

the paint color I finally settled on for the stucco outside 822 is called

Valuable Gift

(822 has been a very valuable gift to us)

So today when I set out to choose a paint color for my feature wall in the atrium/drop your wet towel room

1.  I already knew what picture is going there for my inspiration

2.  I wanted a green that I have been seeing all over blog land

I could not believe how fortunate I was to walk in to my local store and be able to choose


Jerico Perkins Turnbull, Choctaw Indian and my Great Great Grandmother

Am I back in college?
Don't your gut
It's just a wall
a very green Jerico wall
that if need be, can be backed up to this place and started over from the beginning

after all...I am the painter..and I'm pretty darn cheap
in me...
I'm free!

Friday, August 17, 2012

A DIAMOND a goat's butt

have you every heard that urban slang phrase?  We say it here in Texas and we say it here at 822

I have used my handy cropping feature to show you what I mean pretty

toodle doo David the Pool Man
sure will miss you each day!
Do you spy his trailer loaded up?  Oh happy day right around the corner!

 remember this???  see what I mean?  

we have made much progress and are on the road to completion
cute little finial to match the others

all we have left to do  is the wedding cake porch and use up all that sand
oh yes...and paint the white part...and plant some trees...and hang a wreath on the door...and add some cute pots on that "porch to be"

but....remember this?

not our contractor, but a contractor friend said to me "all you have left to do is finish"...but we all know, sometimes the finishing takes the longest...unless you do it yourself...and yes..we are DIY-ers and happy to be.  I love to paint, and hang wallpaper and B even wires the lights and lays the tile....
...and cooks gourmet when he's done with that.  
We're kind of thinking...the end of September, we will sit in our master bedroom
 and look out over the backyard, watching the leaves turn, enjoying the Indian Summer and just


all it takes is a little vision