Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This weekend was spent raising money and doing all we did for a good cause
and that good cause was 
the American Cancer Society 
where the New Mrs. Coach Been works

We spent a lot of time on Buddy Holly Avenue listening to live music beneath the big Texas Sky

and at the Caprock Winery

crushing the harvest with our feet

but the thing I can brag about the most is the golf tournament we played in
where we scored -11 and nearly got in a fight
~a worthy fight~
because the "intoxicated set of four" behind us kept hitting into us

in honor of the weekend,  I have taken this opportunity to brag
on Mattie's golf career
1st on the left with her golf team

and the fact that hubs would get in a fight on a golf course to come to the rescue of his team

don't let this easy going demeanor fool you

and I have taken liberty with old photos 
where some things are missing and some are added 
hair and weight--in that order
but skill is intact

and Coach Been?  If I had a photo of you golfing and 
could show how really great you are...I would put it here...but since I don't, everyone will just have to trust
that you are one heck of a good driver, chipper and a fancy putter
and son!  
Congratulations on Closest to the Pin!


Anonymous said...

beautiful photos, I just love how your write, thanks for sharing this,

Leslie said...

Ha! I just love your sense of humor and can visualize the golf course scene!! So glad no actual fights occurred! What a wonderful cause and looks like a fun time was had by all :)

heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

Golfing from one generation to another - terrific. I used to golf with my father back when we were both younger - sadly he cant' golf anymore otherwise we'd be hitting the links regularly.

StagerLinda said...

Great cause and Great story!

It's All Connected said...

You certainly did it for a good cause and I'm happy it didn't actually come to blows! ~ Maureen

Geneva said...

This was a FuN read! Looks like a great weekend, fight and all! ":o)
... Plus, I'd be bragging about Mattie's golfing career too...neat!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HELLO THERE PRECIOUS! THank you for coming to visit me. THis type of fundraising weekend is what it is all about. Loosing both my parents to cancer has made me more aware that fighting for a cure is of the utmost importance.

THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENT! I am trying to get the kink out...but we are on our way to a new template. I so appreciate your enthusiasm and will be back with a new blog post as soon as I can figure out how to get into my dashboard!!! Anita