Thursday, August 16, 2012


I always thought that any good little town needed two things

1.  A Gazebo
2.  Squirrels

My mom built a gazebo at her place of business
that is no longer here, (so I have some work cut out for me)

and about 20 years ago
I trapped some squirrels at my brother's house in Amarillo and brought them here

I literally, on more than one occasion, drove 180 miles there and back to bring back a squirrel that he had trapped so it wouldn't be stressed and/or scared.  That's what I call focus!

That spring...I brought 3 males and 7 females and nature has done the rest

then I gained a reputation and a rehabilitator heard of me and I took over 2 babies that she had that had fallen from their nest.  When I went to get them, a baby deer walked out from behind her counter...wearing a diaper...funny!
A rehabilitator is not allowed to keep what the save..they must find a 2nd person to finish the project


So we raised Peanut and Poncho and when they were old enough, released them in our yard
our kids had a blast doing this

Today...I see squirrels all the time..all over town and while there are a few that might be very mad at me
most people around here will tell me how much they enjoy them

We personally feed them in our yard on a daily basis and I love having them around to watch
It was a worthy thing

and so now...when and if I ever get finished with this old house project
I think I will build a gazebo in some park..big enough for a band!


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Gina:
In Britain, we are afraid to say, squirrels are generally not at all liked for the introduction of the grey squirrel has led, almost entirely, to the demise of the red.

Happily red squirrels appear to thrive in Hungary.

Marina Pérez said...

Amazing!! It's not very usual find squirrels in Spain. The first time I saw one was in a park of London I coudn't belive it and made lots of photos like a child. It's a great idea what you are doing.

Sunray Gardens said...

As gardeners we don't generally like squirrels as they are so destructive, but I will admit they are cute as can be.

Cher Sunray Gardens

Anonymous said...

such a refreshing change from the usual negative reactions to squirrels, what an amazing thing to do, we have squirrels coming out the kazzoo here in Northern Ontario Canada, black, grey, red and flying squirrels, gardeners and bird lovers tend to hate them for their tendancies to destry bulbs and eat song bird eggs, squirrels and chipmunks like bird eggs, we fed the squirrels when we lived in our house, we went through three fifty pound bags of sunflower seeds a winter , suppose to be for the birds but the squirrels ate most of them, the photo you have of the baby squirrel is just so sweet, how can we hate that, awwww,

Lisa said...

What a sweet baby! I raised one also from 2 weeks to so many months until I freed him. He is 2 today, but I haven't seen him after 1 year old. He used to come to always outside, but then I got busy and didn't visit him daily and by time I went back he was gone, likely mating.