Friday, August 17, 2012

A DIAMOND a goat's butt

have you every heard that urban slang phrase?  We say it here in Texas and we say it here at 822

I have used my handy cropping feature to show you what I mean pretty

toodle doo David the Pool Man
sure will miss you each day!
Do you spy his trailer loaded up?  Oh happy day right around the corner!

 remember this???  see what I mean?  

we have made much progress and are on the road to completion
cute little finial to match the others

all we have left to do  is the wedding cake porch and use up all that sand
oh yes...and paint the white part...and plant some trees...and hang a wreath on the door...and add some cute pots on that "porch to be"

but....remember this?

not our contractor, but a contractor friend said to me "all you have left to do is finish"...but we all know, sometimes the finishing takes the longest...unless you do it yourself...and yes..we are DIY-ers and happy to be.  I love to paint, and hang wallpaper and B even wires the lights and lays the tile....
...and cooks gourmet when he's done with that.  
We're kind of thinking...the end of September, we will sit in our master bedroom
 and look out over the backyard, watching the leaves turn, enjoying the Indian Summer and just


all it takes is a little vision 


Lilla Kullan said...

So nice.:-) Hugs

Burlap Luxe said...

Coming along beautifully, can't wait for move in day and all the beauty you will be sharing.

fiona anderson said...

It's all looking amazing - you're so very very close, how exciting !

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed this process so much, i will most likely never have the beautiful home you have so I'm living through you vicariously! ( thats kind weird huh) sorry, just had to say it, lol, it will be amazing, and if I ever do win the lottery and a house like this is possible I'm flying you up to Canada to help create a haven like this, deal?

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

Wow, thats some progress you got going on there missy.

Now, I've heard of....

A Diamond in the rough

A Diamond geezer

and I know that Diamonds are a girls best friend.....

But now I have a whole new phrase, I'll test it out over lunch and see who chokes on their cucumber sandwich first;)

Our French Inspired Home said...

Looking good!

chateau chic said...

Looks like it's coming along and there's light at the end of the tunnel. I know it will be beautiful at the end of the tunnel! :-)
Mary Alice


Beautiful..Just beautiful!!
I've told you before that this is a dream house!!!

Leslie said...

Goodness! What a process.. I admire your patience and perseverance. .. and are we ever done?? Fun watching the progress! Have a nice weekend and remember to relax!!

carolyn bradford said...

I"m very impressed! We used to be do it yourself people and then we got tired! I love the analogy and the cute last pic! Can't wait to see all of your hard work! So far it looks amazing! Have a great weekend!

Tatiana Doria said...

You are almost there!! and you´ve come a loooong way. It´s looking gorgeus! I can imagine how it feels knowing you are doing the most part yourself!

heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

Vision is what gets us through all renovations I think, Gina. Because without it, all our renos would just be a pile of dirt and work. It's looking so good, I bet you can't wait to finish.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Looking good! Cant wait to see it when it is done.

Geneva said...

Even in the worst of times you could always see the light at the end of the tunnel... It's been so much fun following your journey. Can't wait to see the finish!

Stacy Curran said...

LOL - never heard that but might just use it from now on!