Tuesday, August 25, 2015


As with Facebook, Pinterest and now Instagram, I am late to the party.

Are we all not beguiled by the lovely Anita at

for me, she and most of you as well,
are a source of inspiration with all the beautiful things you post
I love to look at pretty things!!!

so I asked my baby bo peep to clue me in on the fun
and it's like I couldn't get enough of the instagramming
and then I read the etiquette of it and it specifically states not to over gram on the instant

we ended summer with our annual learning vacation
spelunking through Southern New Mexico
with Betty

I'm pretty sure she's wishing for a road trip with Poppy and B

she keeps a notebook of our trips
this warning was given 30 miles from home...as we began!
thanks trooper Ed for not giving Mr. PV a ticket
and thank you Miss Betty for filling in the blanks

our first stop was Coach Been's house in Lubbock
they were gone on their own trip so this was a fun instagram surprise to them

it seems blue became the theme 
oh my the lovely colors of the magical enchanting 
New Mexico!!

If you could see how high this cliff was at the Blue Hole
you would be so proud that Miss Betty, 8, was brave enough to jump off of it

The best Mexican food on the planet

New Mexico
we explored you for 8 days and still didn't discover you all

kind of like Instagram
so much more to learn!
like...how to add the gadget to the blog

as our summers come to an end and a new school year begins
I hope yours was the best summer ever and that your fall holds all the good things
we are feeling in the air these days

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


can you imagine???  I think you probably can relate to my friend Elizabeth at the 
Little Black Door 
when her 
Blue & White came crashing down

it made my mind go back in time to those days of broken stuff and a certain day 
when I had had just about 
I actually threw that cup at the wall and scared the bajeebers out of Charles when I 
"if you're going to break it Charles, then surely you can break it better than that!"

(he was 8...he was helping me by unloading the dishwasher...and broke yet...another treasure)
that night, when I looked in on his sweet little guy self, in peaceful sleep...I felt like such a horrible mother...did I actually throw a cup at the wall over his head???

I sat down, full of sorrow and wrote this poem...

The Cup Without a Handle

The picture frame had flowers
The cardinal had a crest
      The cup had a handle
  The broken trifle dish my best

   The topiary had roses
         Grown in my garden last year 
    The sofa was a handsome print
           But no one confessed to the tear

   The china baby had a head
With a bonnet of crochet lace
        One hundred dollars became nothing
             Especially without her face

     The carpet has only one stain
                   That’s significantly Orange Crush vomit
   The roller blade rut in the kitchen
           Has an iron imprint on it

   The lapis rabbit had two ears
  The dryer stores a dime
The cuckoo clock had two hands
     And once kept perfect time

      After years of collecting
             A passion becomes immense
      Yet with baby hands and clumsy feet
    It doesn’t make much sense

           This year’s vacation film
       Is in a camera without a winder
A chair without a leg
  Only serves as a reminder

That the trade of a treasure
Through different eyes I see
That nothing can compare
       To what only once will be….

     A giggle in the dark
A band aid on the knee
      A wet oatmeal kiss
A lullaby till three

A smile without a tooth
     A left foot in a right sandal
  A tree house on the ground
                And a cup without a handle

Now...here I am...all those years later...
I talked to Charles on the phone yesterday and he said to me
"mom, I gotta go...gotta situation here"
.... I heard a crash in the background as he hung up...his 2 year old had broken something...and I just had to laugh.

As I took these photos I realized 3 things

1.  Could I have not done a worse job glueing?

2.  Why did I save all the broken rabbits and not the rest?

3.  The hands that broke these treasures are a treasure to me...and I would not trade how they are today for all the world!

ooopsie...it's leg came off