Wednesday, January 30, 2013


January 31
I started having some strange pains...
I was scheduled for a C-Sec March 14
and because I had never been in labor with Grace,
I didn't know for sure what I was feeling
I called the Dr. who was 2 hours away ~~ we were in the middle of a very cold blizzard
He told me it was Braxton-Hicks..take a if something changes
in the middle of the night when my water broke
I called the hospital and asked that they call him
the nurse said
"honey, you come on over to the hospital and when you get here, if your water really did break then we'll call your doctor"
I said ok...I'm headed that way...btw..I'm down for a C-sec March 14

met me at the door

He was born February 1, 1984 and currently is in possession of all baby photos
this is the day he took my scissors and cut his hair
he was born with a high and tight
or as he called it when he combed it...
"a shelf"
like his Uncle Jamie's
I always dressed him and Grace alike
something I think he's never really forgiven me for
nice shirt
the tree he's leaning on is just a few blocks down from where we live now

here he is
a man
choosing art
baby on the way
I think Grace has on a pink shirt and khaki skirt

these are the kind of photos I get from him
these are his cucumbers
sometimes he sends photos of
his roses
cardinals in his trees
his dogs

 the new car 
and just the other day
a new little man
that I can only pray that will give him as much 
as he has given us

Today...this is the email I got from him
I hope you will take the time to watch it because it is where we live
and it is truly amazing
both that it's where we live and that these are the kinds of things he sends my way
pura vida

Wyman, the photographer, used to live in the old jail in BenjaminTX.  The photo of the coiled rattlesnake appeared on the cover of a wildlife magazine in the 80's. He said, there were times he crawled a long way on his belly to get a good shot of a wild animal.

The music is by Doug Smith from PetersburgTexas



Tuesday, January 29, 2013


As we have been finishing up the last few details of the master suite renovation
I have noticed a "thing"
an eye rolling thing

as I play around with all my goodies
I change them around and around and around I guess for no other reason except
that I want to feel like after all this dastardly demo
I have landed myself in a spa

once I get it like I want it~
with all the stuff I won't use that I have been saving all this time
(not knowing for sure if I want it or don't want it)

I have been buried and working around and painting around and caulking around
that has memories and means something to me
I am so hesitant to let it go

but as I "arrange"
sometimes in my periphery
I see Mr. P.V.
oh yes
roll his eyes

he really could care less that I brought this 
thing a ma bopper home from a wonderful trip
I have no idea what it came from a spa, it smells good
and when you move it around some kind of fine powder falls from it
who doesn't like that?
might be great for eye strain
and look at that sweet little blue dish that I bought at a garage sale?

and look at this cute little perfume bottle that I found in a box of 

I bet hubs would like to bury his head in this jar of sand
don't you know he gets so annoyed at all the useless
that I create?

and he can scarcely hold his eyeballs still 
when I move this rug from in front of the bath to the shower to the vanity
oooo...can you imagine burying your wet toes into this?
So...where WILL it go???

This precious thing has been waiting to sit on the edge of the shower niche for a very long time

with a the rosary of a Methodist

I so wanted Larimar counter tops
but I had to go without supper one night to afford these

I have only arranged this window sill 6 times

can you see that bubble in this glass jar?
and that coral?  Oh man..that coral!!!

and I bought this perfect chair off the floor
from Pier 1 in Lubbock during a winter snow storm!
I would have bought it for twice the price
but I only had to pay a portion of my chair budget to own it
as it was a close-out and the only one left
and yes...I have moved it several places as well..
but hubs is so glad to have a place to rest as he takes it all in

and what about all those soaps he's had to make room for by leaving his clothes behind at the hotels?

at least they smell good...seashells don't always

gosh I love that bamboo tray that I bought at an antique store for 1/2 off of $35~
when I moved this little number in was the time I realized it was not my imagination
that there was some eye rolling going on!

but if you want to talk
do you remember our tub sitting on the drive on baby bo peep's wedding day?

all I can say is this
thank the LORD
that I had some pretty stuff stashed away
to dream about

to keep my heart strong!

Friday, January 25, 2013


Before I knew I was going to have Edith
we had to fill up about...
6 of these?  That dang hot water heater was 

And we all know how expensive plumbing can be right?
so when you can make use of existing plumbing it's a great thing
as in...old potty potty

and I always say....don't scrimp on art in the water closet

Interesting story...we found this old oil on canvas..unsigned
while moving a cabinet at Zulu Art Gallery
~on the day of the Tsunami~

actually, it was one painting (that I absolutely loved)
but I thought the subjects were not in proportion
so I had it cut into two paintings and framed them alike
I fell in love with the colors and I will never forget finding them behind the counter on that sad day
Sunday, December 26, 2004
the one on the left looks like Edith to me

We purchased this on the cobble streets of Rome
long before I ever hoped to hang it here
I just love the texture and colors
I love to collect sea shells

The black sand and sea glass came from Santorini
this jar is a wine decanter filled with such precious memories of taking 
Mattie on her dream vacation after graduating highschool with a 102 GPA
and entering Texas A&M as a Sophomore
we let her choose the destination
we thought she'd choose Disneyland
she had seen Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

I brought this brain coral home from Punta Cana
I stepped on it and have been having heel pain ever since
art can be in many forms would you agree?

this roof tile was on the beach also...maybe washed ashore from some long ago hurricane...
did the house it came from ever think its tile would live in my home?
do houses think?
well..mine does!

Hi Edith
since you are naked, you get to live here for a while
until my money priority is such that you become authenticated as a treasure
at which time
you might move to

So there you see...a very teeny weeny tiny spot
can be so full of 
 art, texture, color, hopes and memories

and most of all

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Two (2) things I love...
ok three (3)
1.  I love to watch Antique Road Show where the person has some random something they bought at a yard sale for $1 and it's valued at $75,000
2.  I love to look for those kinds of things on eBay and elsewhere
3.  I love to buy lottery tickets when the lottery is very high with the change I scrape out of my ashtray
ok...four (4)..four things I love
4.  I love to dream that someday...I will get very very lucky

This past summer my artist friend turned me on to

I bought some books about him and his work..and I must say I really like it
especially the yellows

So...this fall...when I was trapped cozied inside one cold day
I googled his name for some further study

when up came a link to an eBay sale going on at the moment
the description from the gallery said the painting was purchased in a 1930 California estate
and had the name "Rothko" but no first on this would be appreciated

oh man!
so first things first...
I BID!!!

because I like nudes
it was a good price
she had a cello
and the back of it was painted also

then I started to do a little more research
this is his wife Edith (with the hat)..who he painted long ago
ok...maybe I'm dreaming but I see some real similarity!

this is his signature
the one on the left is my Rothko, the one on the right is from his website
there were many more signatures, this is the one I used for comparison
..he signed and painted over the years so differently

later he signed his work on the back of his paintings..this is how you knew which was the front
and just for the record...he only began painting his abstracts in the late 40s
and only became quite famous after he met his untimely death by his own hands, 
in his New York City apartment

of course I can't display my nude Rothko in my breakfast nook
but when I opened her up...I kind of felt this electricity in my veins...
I mean a real live feeling

I love her face

and her round full womanly beauty

and her cello

and the possibility...oh yes...the possibility

that before he got serious...he just had some oil paints laying around and his wife
popped out of the shower and he painted her...and cast his work aside because he had no idea
that he would someday sell his work (after death)
for millions of dollars

and that if someone were going to fake something
they wouldn't have faked in it 1930

they would have faked something like this

I have done some research
and found an authenticator and an expert in appraisal
each for about...



Ok...I love five things (5)

5.  I love to realize that I already am very lucky...
...and if this painting happened to be some obscure early work of
Mark Rothko
found in some random estate sale
and I could sell it for $75 million dollars
and I could share that fortune with the ones I love and like???

well...right would rather spend
$200 per hour
on an electrician, plumber, carpet layer, tile layer and landscaper

so it will hang way back in the depths of
and gain value
if only to me