Thursday, January 3, 2013


I must admit that I have lost a little interest in blogging (writing not reading) but am trying so hard to get it back!

You see...I was really really so sad over the shooting of the school children.  I think it hit me so hard because my own granddaughter was just that age and I could only imagine...and quite frankly had a hard time putting it out of my mind.

I am writing a prisoner and have been for about 6 months's a very very long story, but I'm so glad I'm doing it..he has been such a blessing to me.

I did have a wreck that totaled my car and though no one was hurt, it just made me realize how incredibly crazy and even dangerous the traffic was...and why?  Shopping?  It all kind of scared me.

All that being said, it seemed like anything I might want to write would just be so shallow and frivolous and almost....well the first words that come to mind are pathetically unimportant.  How can I post photos and content about curtains and paint and tile while so many in this world are truly living in such immense pain?

How do you write Merry Christmas on a colorful card to a young man who may be behind bars for most of the good part of his life?

I have really thought a lot about it and this is the conclusion that I have come to....

Our world will always be full of this kind of matter what we do or don't do
I am so blessed by reading about your fun and meaningful creative worlds--it has been quite healing
Perhaps it's very important, rather than frivolous, to know how much good still exists in the world
Do you suppose it's possible that all the little good parts of all our worlds...stuck together, could actually

Change things?

When our youngest was attending Texas A&M, one of the rich traditions they do each year is
Muster Call
they meet at a certain hour and call the name of all those that have died
some are old, some are young, some are tragic and some are expected
but they unite
light a candle one to another
those that are chosen to, answer "here" to the names called~
 and soon, the space is illuminated

yes, our world can be hard and scary and full of sorrow
in our everyday lives there are
words and photos
poetic, humorous, engaging and informative
sons that cut hair locks for love, family, Swedish antiques, frolicky puppies, couples that have loved each other for years and years, letters to daughters, castles, water colored owls, recipes, 
fashion tips, Christmas wreaths, garden tips, art, makeovers, travel and just plain
everyday lives lived

 a light that beckons us

away from the dark



Tatiana Doria said...

Wow! This is just so beautiful and so painful to read. You are so right. I myself think about this many times and realize that there are way more important things than blogging about superficial and plain matters. But I´d love to continue reading you, so keep posting, you might be doing a lot of healing to many people!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Dear Gina,
Happy New Year! I did noticed your absence in December....glad to see you back. What I love most about blogging is the camaraderie. Thank you for your friendship. Wishing you and your family good health and all the best in 2013. --L

Stacy Curran said...

I noticed your absence too. And I agree with you - it's been hard to write blog posts given Sandy Hook and other things. I'm glad you are back, though. I try to compartmentalize things, but it doesn't always work. 2012 was a terrible year in a lot of ways for my family and so many others, but I'm trying to focus on the positive. One of the positives is the generosity and kindness of so many bloggers, like you. Wishing you all the best in 2013!

Maureen said...

All the press coverage goes to those who do not value life and decent societal values. We bloggers and social media users have learned to use these forums to give us a voice. Most of what we write is about creative living but we also use our space to promote our views on greater issues. You have just done that in a very meaningful and uplifting post. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I have felt the same about writing my blog, I enjoy reading others but my own,,,, not so much, this post touched my heart, you are such a good soul,

Marina Pérez said...

Hi Gina, I've been reading your post and I think that sometimes there are hard moments in our lives, I have a dificult moment right now and I try to think in good things or people I have around me and you are one of them , so you have to write because It's good for us.

Hugs from a little corner of the world



Espero que seu ano novo tenha sido maravilhosos. Coisas triste acontecem sempre mas temos que tirar o que tem de bom em cada evento que acontece para tentarmos viver melhor.
Não deixe de escrever, você pode fazer o bem para alguém com seus belos textos.
Tenha um ótimo 2013 e que ele te traga muita sorte e felicidade para ti e toda tua família.

chateau chic said...

I appreciate your sentiments expressed in this post. I too had a heavy heart after the Sandy Hook shootings. Really put the things I stress over or get upset about in perspective. At the same time, we are called to be lights in the place God has put us...not responsible for the whole world...and blogging can be a part of that. Who knows how many people's lives you touch through your blog? You encouraged me today!
Mary Alice

carolyn bradford said...

Gina, you took the words right out of my mouth! I have no inspiration because everything seems so irrelevant in light of such tragic and important events..I cannot get motivated to write and I LOVE to write! I also love to read so I've definitely been reading each and every blog that I love and trying to even search out some more….I was so glad to see you post this to express what I thing a lot of us are feeling! And I do agree with Loi that it is the camaraderie in blogging that I find so special….sometimes I think I'm kidding myself that anyone really cares and then I know…when I read the sweet comments I know that people do care about what I'm feeling or what is inspiring me at the moment. But…I have to remember that it is NEVER about me and it is ALWAYS about others! You just hit the nail on the head with this post and I'm so thankful I saw it!! Glad we are friends…so, so, glad!

carolyn bradford said...

I forgot to say that I too am involved with an inmate…unfortunately, he is my nephew and that's been really hard this Christmas…on our family and on Jim's parents…he's the same age as my youngest son…we all talked to him on Christmas day. You are right, what do you ask him? Who's cooking? What are you having? Howe've you been? It's so, so hard!

Khristi said...

I love you, my dear friend, and I have missed your wisom. Remember this song? I do believe I've even heard you sing it. :) See you very soon!

"There's a little flame inside us all
Some shine bright
Some shine small
The rains will come
And the waters rise
But don't you ever lose your light

In this life you will know
Love and pain
Joy and sorrow
So when it hurts
When times get hard
Don't forget who's child you are

This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine
This little light of mine
I'm Gonna let it shine
Gonna let it shine

May you live each day
With no regret
Make the most of every chance you get
Let your eyes get wide
When you look at the stars
With the same sense of wonder as a child's heart

With the ones you love
Treasure the time
And for those who are gone
Keep the memories alive

Hold on to your dreams
Don't ever let go
There's a fire inside you
Burning with hope

This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine
This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine
Gonna let it shine

There will be days when you wanna give up
When the clouds settle in
But after the rain comes the sun
Don't you ever forget
Don't forget
Child don't forget

One day there will be no more pain
And we will finally see Jesus' face
So until then I'm gonna try
To brave the dark
And let my little light shine

This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine
This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine
Gonna let it shine

This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine
This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine
Gonna let it shine
Oh, shine
Gonna let it shine
There's a little light inside us all."

HolleyGarden said...

What an excellent post. The imagery of many lights shining in the dark during the muster call is a powerful one. I often think of what I write as frivolous. But I started my blogging because of a death. I just needed an escape. Although I was sad, I wanted to write joyfully, and I try to remember that in my posts. Thank you so much for reminding us that every little thing we do makes waves in this big ocean of life, and that it is the things we do - big and small - that make up what we call life.

Heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

I think many of us had a heavy heart this holiday season. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and struggles. I'm having a hard time too. Between the shootings just before Christmas and now my mother being hospitalized again, I'm struggling to think about goals and projects. Don't have time to think too much about the little things that make life liveable right now.

Taylor Greenwalt said... sorry you have been feeling down. Sometimes we are thrown a curve ball and life is hard to understand. I'm glad to see that your back and hope your feeling better. I always have to focus on the positive when things are heavy. It does seem to help. Hang in there.......

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Beautiful post! I think if we fill our lives with the good and innocent and creative and inspiring and most of all the GODLY...we can live purposefully. Bad and sad is a part of life... what you feel is mercy and empathy. That in itself is a real gift! And when shared, like you do with the prisioner, you are the good and innocent and creative and inspiring and Godly in his life!
This post is so thought provoking... bless you sweet heart!

TSL said...

How poignant, oh you write so wonderfully. Your words echo my soul and spirit, and I imagine most everyone else's. I couldn't have done a better job. You are precious.

Geneva said...

Gina ... you've said it for us all. This was a beautiful post! I love, love, love your way with words!

Anonymous said...

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