Tuesday, January 29, 2013


As we have been finishing up the last few details of the master suite renovation
I have noticed a "thing"
an eye rolling thing

as I play around with all my goodies
I change them around and around and around I guess for no other reason except
that I want to feel like after all this dastardly demo
I have landed myself in a spa

once I get it like I want it~
with all the stuff I won't use that I have been saving all this time
(not knowing for sure if I want it or don't want it)

I have been buried and working around and painting around and caulking around
that has memories and means something to me
I am so hesitant to let it go

but as I "arrange"
sometimes in my periphery
I see Mr. P.V.
oh yes
roll his eyes

he really could care less that I brought this 
thing a ma bopper home from a wonderful trip
I have no idea what it is...it came from a spa, it smells good
and when you move it around some kind of fine powder falls from it
who doesn't like that?
might be great for eye strain
and look at that sweet little blue dish that I bought at a garage sale?

and look at this cute little perfume bottle that I found in a box of 

I bet hubs would like to bury his head in this jar of sand
don't you know he gets so annoyed at all the useless
that I create?

and he can scarcely hold his eyeballs still 
when I move this rug from in front of the bath to the shower to the vanity
oooo...can you imagine burying your wet toes into this?
So...where WILL it go???

This precious thing has been waiting to sit on the edge of the shower niche for a very long time

with a the rosary of a Methodist

I so wanted Larimar counter tops
but I had to go without supper one night to afford these

I have only arranged this window sill 6 times

can you see that bubble in this glass jar?
and that coral?  Oh man..that coral!!!

and I bought this perfect chair off the floor
from Pier 1 in Lubbock during a winter snow storm!
I would have bought it for twice the price
but I only had to pay a portion of my chair budget to own it
as it was a close-out and the only one left
and yes...I have moved it several places as well..
but hubs is so glad to have a place to rest as he takes it all in

and what about all those soaps he's had to make room for by leaving his clothes behind at the hotels?

at least they smell good...seashells don't always

gosh I love that bamboo tray that I bought at an antique store for 1/2 off of $35~
when I moved this little number in was the time I realized it was not my imagination
that there was some eye rolling going on!

but if you want to talk
do you remember our tub sitting on the drive on baby bo peep's wedding day?

all I can say is this
thank the LORD
that I had some pretty stuff stashed away
to dream about

to keep my heart strong!


Marissa said...

Wow you make me want to go re-do my bathroom window once again for the umpteenth time! Oh and I hear you, I too have an eye roller who doesn't understand why we don't use decorative towels to dry our hands~ or why I do tablescapes.... I love your Ideas they look fresh and clean and that's the combination I love..

HolleyGarden said...

Maybe that's why they say men and women are from different planets! ;) I love how you decorate, and all the vignettes. I bet in reality, your husband really likes it, too.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this post, I felt as if you were walking me through this, it has a very spa feeling,

Leslie said...

Ha! I get the eye rolling thing too:) Your little sanctuary looks perfect and I like all your spa touches. Very comfy and welcoming!


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Dreamy...why aren't you in there? Get in there! It is fabulous. Eye rollers not allowed. ;)

Bonnie Hitchcock said...

I have an eye roller too, but he knows this keeps me happy so let the eyes roll! My eyes roll at his golf too. He does his thing, I do mine. Hey it's worked for 35 years!

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

That bathroom is amazing, so beautiful.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Your bathroom looks absolutely luxurious and beautifully arranged. We shall now go and reappraise ours in the light of what you have shown here!!

Heather - New House New Home said...

I honestly don't know where to start, Gina. The bathroom is gorgeous - certainly worth the wait AND the eye rolling. Our poor husbands just don't get it sometimes - the fun is in the details. One day he'll look at you and say "I remember when you got that" with love in his eyes. Sooner than later my guess.

podso said...

I think your "stuff" looks good and I know what you mean if it has a memory with it, hard to let go. It looks spa like and that says "relax."

Nancy said...

Your bath looks so awesome. Love seeing the 'before's and how far youve come. You've got the bug just like us, rearranging for the 100th time! Have a wonderful day, and take a soak in that beautiful tub!
xo Nancy

Annmarie Pipa said...

He loves it too. How could anyone NOT?! beautiful!

Marina Pérez said...

Your bath is great, I love it, good job!

Sherry said...

Oh!!!! Who cares if he rolled his eyes! It was so worth the trouble! Gorgeous! Love the glass in the windows light, but privacy! Well done!