Monday, February 6, 2012


I do have a green thumb most of the time..kind of the type that likes to bring the summer plants in and nurse them through the winter just for a bit of life in the gray months.  This is an airplane plant that's thriving in the middle bath...a gift from bff.

My rescue poinsettia from last year

my money tree and orchid could look better

new growth on the palms

new growth here too

oh wait..this is fake

a sunny corner

haha...another fake

and a mix of fake and real..can you tell the difference?

so...if I can  pull all this off...

then how in the world does something like this happen?

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LKB said...

Well, I need some tips on wintering plants. I brought all my asparagus ferns and my foxtail fern inside only to have my house infested with gnats. I've thrown them all back onto the patio to live or die as they will. I cannot stand gnats!