Wednesday, February 29, 2012


In like a lion out like a lamb so they say...

This final day in February, the harsh cold winter is clinging on.  Cold, blustery, cloudy and the wind is gusting upwards of 60 mph.

No tee time today unless you want a different kind...perfect for a day like today!
A wee spot of tea for the spirits of 822

I'm not really sure why I collected tea pots at one point in my life

maybe because I turn everything into a collection and I'm not kidding

who could resist this sweet little number?

I found this in an antique store when I was raising ostrich so long ago.  I love the bamboo handle


and flowers

My oldest bopeep gave me a tea posy for Christmas this year

Earl Grey is just the best!  Y.U.M.

That little tea light keeps it just right

and speaking of about a bit of crystal ginger (good in martinis too!)

The green organza bag holds hibiscus flowers that grow in the warm tea

My tea stash...I also have a tee stash upstairs waiting for spring and summer

Hot chocolate is a must in our climate too!

and did I mention spirits? 

 If you have never tried American Honey then I feel very sorry for you.  
It is so delicious warmed in tea or hot chocolate or all by its sweet little self

for the spirit in all of us!

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