Thursday, March 1, 2012


It's no wonder I'm a kookoo bird!  I sometimes get so way ahead of myself it's really not very funny.
I purchased this old shell print on ebay BEFORE we even bought this house...sometimes I'm not kookoo...just clairvoyant.

Truth is, I have at least 6 apothecary jars filled with sand and shells and of course at least one wine cork from the beaches we have visited.  They are little glass time capsules that give me so many pleasant memories.  I knew when we "built" our house someday...I would work in all that sand and sea.  Only we didn't build...we got this house instead.  Almost the same!

I told hubs the other day I just have too much Bed and Breakfast left in me.  I keep bringing home hotel soaps and buying sweet little things to put them in.  

I think this is just about the prettiest thing I have ever seen.   It's been in the top drawer of my mother's dresser (now at 822) for a very long time.

And those glossy pages from the PB Catalog...they just mix right in with the rest of the stuff!  If those blue striped sheets are gone this summer, I would imagine I could find some similar...not that much of a label girl.'s how the master pallet is some of those fabrics look familiar?  Just can't wait so they are in the music room for the time being.  (Ignore that purple wall if you can...or pretend it's white)

Pale blue Shabby Chic duvet set for a "messy bed"

Some PB pillows and some hand stitched from fabrics I just purchased....laying in the corner...just 
waiting waiting waiting

why am I a kookoo bird?

This is the master bedroom

This is the master bath room

and this is my walk in closet

March 13, we have to go before the Zoning Commission to ask for a variance to connect this little garage apartment to our existing house.  Right now it is grandfathered in and we can do anything we want here...but there is a 10 foot, 2 story tower space that is too close to the street that will become the breezeway, office and art studio connected to the house...and we have to get permission to build it.

Did you notice that talented little guy holding the window in a recent blog?  That would be Chad, carpenter turned oil field pumper, carpenter on the weekend, zoning commission guy.

I'm pretty sure I suggested an extra zero on the window invoice...hmmm..would that be considered a bribe ?

I think he understands me as the art teacher of his kids, giving him cool mahogany doors, and embellishments for their derby cars gal.  

I call it 
you scratch my back and I'll give you an 18' telescope ladder I found in the garage

Others might call it red tape.


LKB said...

I call it creative marketing/bartering and I am in awe of you. If I could ever have my dream house I would ask you to decorate it. I wouldn't even care if you decorated with all the things you like. I just would like my house to be that interesting.

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you for bringing some of your beauty my way :)
Thank you for sharing your beautiful comment on my simple Franch Farmhouse table with the draped scarf across it, I love to add sometimes just that right kind of rightness unexpected :)

Have a beautiful weekend let the week following inspire you soulfully.



Hey....I don't think it's too soon to start decorating.....I mean I've designed rooms I haven't even met yet :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh you should see what we have put this house through in the last 16 years! Knocked out walls, two room additions and new plumbing are only part of the memories we have made to built our lives together...WELL DONE! AND thank you for visiting! Anita