Friday, March 9, 2012


In "my mother's" room I have somehow managed to accomplish the all white look
except for the green walls and green curtains

and red poinsettias that will not DIE!

I hid these behind the curtain on the window seat

Because of all the natural light, this room has also become my plant hospital (except for those poinsettias..they are just fine!)

I can't wait for warmer days so I can move these ferns outside.  I just hate to let things die no matter how bad they look!

Yum! I want to jump on this bed every time I come in to water my poinsettias!

I love my old sleigh bed and this pale calf skin rug was a great find at Canton
This room will change quite a bit during the addition of our master bed/bath

The bedding is all white with lots of fluffy down and old linen pillows
I purchased these from Rose Petals and Rust.  I love to squeeze them to release the fragrant lavender and then toss them on the bed.  I have several of them laying around.  Just love those bees you know!

I bought this precious little thing at an estate auction

I bought this water color at an estate auction for $1


My beautiful mother on her wedding day.  This sits on top of her dresser.  I had the dresser in my room growing up and now I have it at 822.  She still looks this amazing!  And she is way too busy to come see me and stay in her room!

I think I will sew her a pillow!
And her door prize when she comes will be 8 wonderful will probably be around Christmas next year!  

Just right!


HolleyGarden said...

Lovely room. I had some poinsettias that wouldn't die one year. I finally planted them - and they died in a freeze. Now I just throw them out! Such a waste, really. I hope she will come see you soon so you can have some mother-daughter time.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOW! You do this embroidery yourself? This is just GORGEOUS!!!! And thank you so much for visiting last night! Oh how this sort of art has died, but thank you for bringing it back!!! Have a great weekend, Anita

PURA VIDA said...

Anita ,this is an old old pillow case I bought at an estate sale that I will make a small pillow out of. I would love to take up that kind of embroidery some day, but for now I just hand stitch it around a feather insert. Thanks for visiting me. I enjoyed reading about you.

Maureen at The Inglenook Decor said...

the linen pillowcases are adorable! and the poinsettias still alive in March...that's amazing!