Friday, March 23, 2012


 Bo Peep had a meeting and even if she didn't, I would try to have this fun little person at 822 at least once a week...much more if possible.

Here are a few ways you can sense her if...

surprised there were any left...there were no orange slices left

She has an "office" that's all in a basket under the table..this is her Bible that she studies and reads out of, to me or others who might listen

This is one of my pj tops...she had it on with a wedding dress her Aunt Mattie wore when she was a flower girl...not sure where that dress is at the moment.  One thing is certain, I will laugh when I come across it.

always piano lessons for her rabbit friends

out of her ugs

so she can trace her foot

The other day I found a flashlight and an a book I made for her and I'm assuming she's reading to these "people" and the birds out the window

I try to keep her identity on the dl, internet predators and all, but thank goodness Poppy has a dress up chest and I feel pretty safe on this one!

I'm diggin those blue nails!

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stefanie said...

i love soap in jars!!!