Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Truth of the matter is, I won't have one until we build our master suite as it's going in that closet.  Behind these doors were the original laundry room and who wants a laundry room in your den?

So...hubs is not only a gourmet chef, he is pretty good with fast moving saw blades.

He took the old 1960 (2" thick doors) and created can't see from here but they are filled with prism glass for a very neat shimmer.
I don't have a laundry room but I have a wine tower and a whiskey bar and a wine cellar (just around the corner)  PRIORITIES DEAR!

The truth is I never drank until I was in college and barely while I was raising children
but we have decided we are going to celebrate each day and are kind of into Prohibition Cocktails and vintage bar ware. And did I mention fine wine? 

We bought these canvases in Peru..on the other side is a pear

A tiny space with a big punch.  That is B's Baboo's vanity mirror.  If you sit in his leather chair you can watch tv backwards

I love martinis and we just got this precious silver jigger...from eBay.  Lots of this stuff came from eBay and estate auctions.  The shaker is from an auction and that vodka?  Well my bff brought it to me last night!  She knows me well.  Make mine double dirty.

Vintage labels..eBay

Vintage seltzer bottles...

so colorful 
and Ouzo is Greece's drink and that Absinthe?  
Straight from New Orleans French Quarter.  I hear it will kill you so I just keep it far away in the corner.
It will NOT make the heart grow fonder.  Get it?

A vintage shot auction and probably the beginning of the collection

Sparkly glasses...can't have enough!

This old champagne bucket holds a few corks...just a few and maybe later an orchid

lots of paraphernalia

hhmmmm....some folk's bottles are not as full as other folk's bottles

cordials to be cordial to those after dinner imbibers 

You can't see the light fixture or red ceiling until you step in..there's only room for two..all thirsty folks must wait outside

This very cool piece came from Santa Fe and is fashioned from reclaimed woods.  I would much rather have this than a washer and dryer!

So there you have it
a 4 x 6 
easy speaking hullaballoo and a whole lot a fun room that someone not me used to fold clothes in

Next...we can see the chapel!


Taylor Greenwalt said...

My husband and i didn't drink until the kids were gone also. We now enjoy a drink here and there. I love your collection. The vintage pieces add so much interest to the bar area. Thanks for stopping by our blog.

stefanie said...

i love is so classy!

LKB said...

I have never. And I repeat, NEVER, ever understood the "need" to put a washer and dryer ANYWHERE other than the area of dirty clothes. The bedroom/bath area......hello..... In that moment in time I had MY dream house, my laundry was right off my master bedroom with my closet on the other side - in the hallway was a cute little handle you pulled which opened a little chute that dropped the dirties right into a cabinet inside the laundry room. It was a slice of Heaven on earth! Thanks for sharing!

Stacy Curran said...

I can't believe your husband made that...that's amazing!