Friday, March 16, 2012


Well, I did it..I took the recovering plunge and it scared the wits out of me!  (Ripping off a fabric I love)
I just loved the way this chair WAS (mostly professional!)...but needed something new for my cello chair.

So...I took the same fabric (Peacocks) that I put on my piano bench

and off  the deep end I went

Love these two fabrics together! Still needs gimp.

and not to worry....this fabric will become....(can you guess?)

once I decide which side I like best...

(my inspiration pal comes out of the closet)

First things first...finish project A before beginning project B-Z
I used hemp cord to hide the staples and no...I don't need a pillow in this chair..but isn't it cute?
Something to karate chop while waiting for my fingers to relax, and a good arm control exercise.

And it is...I can see the stitches (I sew all my pillows by hand) so I may take this to my pillow girl and have her sew it with a machine...still thinking on that one.

Love those love birds!
And my new chair!


By Nela said...

Un abrazo. Manoli

Anonymous said...

Love the blue and white fabric you used. I wanted to thank you for your kind words. hope your hubby liked the blog! Taylor Greenwalt

HolleyGarden said...

GREAT job! And I love the bird pillow, too. I've tried reupholstering before - I learned that's not my talent! :O