Sunday, March 18, 2012


Our St. Patrick's Day was supposed to be spent loading up the city truck with contents from our recent demo. Our change of plans landed us 90 miles south in Amarillo for one of the most unusual auctions I have ever attended.

First of all, all the items for auction were staged in an old historic home that had already sold before we arrived.  All we had to do was get a buyer's number and sit under a tent while a group of hard working men brought us out all the things we as registered buyers had placed a red sticky dot on.

It was a great trick because later we realized what we were buying was NOT the lifelong collection of art and furniture and antiques from the owner of the home.  It was certainly  made to appear that way.  This was more like a container auction and most of the contents were very Asian..which I was quite tickled with.

There were some really beautiful things...huge rugs, signed art, bronzes, was a 2 day sale if that tells you anything.

And another thing...we had to pay a 10% buyer's premium.  
Folks don't like that.  That's not how we do our auctions around here, but I understand that many do.

We ran into some old  friends and sat together which was fun.  Nice sunny breezy day and lots of pretty things to wish for.  When the asking bid on the first rug was $12,500...I kind of had to wiggle in my chair...but the auctioneer was the one who ended up wiggling!  We were a tough crowd for sure!

Our car when we got home and we had to leave our large carved screen at bubba peep's house to get next week.

Hubs purchased two G Harvey signed prints for the new bank in Perryton.  We don't really like the western style, but it looks very good in a Texas Panhandle Bank.  They were pretty large and a great bargain.

This is a very cool marble top bombe chest that will probably go in the new office
Can't you just imagine African art and artifacts, an authentic zebra rug, some alligator luggage and bookshelves filled with...books...AND...scales and maps and globes and travel treasures?

however, the marble matches the marble on the fireplace surround in the music room
...this is where it's at for now (because my garage is F.U.L.L.) and I don't really like the feel of it there.  I think my mind is already made will just have to wait for the office to be built...hopefully within the next 2 months.

This wonderful piece is about 4 feet tall and I have no idea what it is or what it will be

The auctioneer told us these were late 1800 circa, you just have to take his word for it.  Doesn't really matter that much to me...I LOVED them!

They will probably be in the office in front of B's desk and if I were to guess, that thing we don't know what to do with will have a heavy silver tray with some old decanters and folks will sit in these chairs and chat with him over a scotch.

We also purchased a 3 panel carved screen that is similar to these photos.  We just couldn't fit it all in our car, so we left it in Amarillo to either pick up later, or have the kids bring when they come this weekend for their wedding shower.

It was a lot darker and heavier but you get the idea favorite (and first) purchase of the day was this Foo Dog Roof Tile

The auctioneer warned us not to remove that seal on his back..."it proves the authenticity," he said.
Like I would really have a clue about any of these purchases...they weren't really that expensive, I don't really care...I just liked them all...and when spread throughout the house it won't seem like we live in 

But this little green mean thing is going to be my favorite memory of an unforgettable St. Patrick's Day 2012.  I've been thinking about getting a dog for awhile.  I think this one will just do the trick!


helen tilston said...

You had a fun and interesting day at the auction and were successful in acquiring some great treasures.

Thanks for sharing

Helen xx

LKB said...

Ah, and now you will be Fighting Foo for many moons to come!

Haynes & Rogers, Inc. said...

LOVE the Foo!! Such a character!