Saturday, March 3, 2012


I remember when silver jewelry first came on the fashion scene and it scares me to think how long ago that was.

"It's a fad and it will never last" you remember that prediction like I do?  The same with animal print,
leopard, zebra, cheetah..."It's a fad and it will never last".

So that leaves the unrelated question in a mind that chop or not chop those pillows!

I love to karate chop my feather pillows...I like to do lots of things to my feather pillows because in case you haven't heard..
I L.O.V.E. Pillows!  

I like to sew them, I like to get others to sew them, I like to buy them, I like to charge them on my Pier 1 Card,  I like to rearrange them, I like to fluff them, I like to rest my head on them and I like to CHOP them!
Is it possible that pillow chopping is a trend?

My answer to me is "NO" and here's why
These pillows on my couch are exactly the way they were left last night.  What I call loosely chopped or better yet "lived on"

On the other end of the sofa...this pillow is chopped and the one behind it could be but  it's not.  I like both looks.

Chopped on the left  some dear head!  I do love him!

Firm as can be

I'm going to chop my pillows while wearing silver jewelry
because it's what I like and if you don't?  Then do what YOU want!  This one will soon have some kind of animal print on it.

I also love google because you can google stuff like pillow chopping and I found this "pillow don't photo"
from Willow Bee Inspired and a new inspirational blog that I love to look at each day!

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helen tilston said...

I have learned the definition of "chopping" I sometimes do it (chop. It is particularly suited to down pillows. Thank you for sharing

Helen xx