Friday, March 23, 2012


So....I have sour dough bread rising ready for step II

I have last night's "happy hour turned supper" dishes to do

Tomorrow is the newest bride and groom's wedding shower and all the family is due to arrive soon
Y.A.Y.  did I say 

and what praytell do I find myself doing in all the hubub?

Of course what any sane person in my situation would be doing...piddling with my soap!

I had this vision last night about 2 AM.  Soap from Italy from bo peep, zebra plate I painted when I had a kiln at my art gallery...I like...good vision

Always a bee

I really mean ALWAYS a bee

Brings me back to the day when I had the Bishop Cottage and always had fancy hotel soaps from our travels to put in a pretty jar for guests.

my newest green plate

Shells and soaps....of course!

kind of masculine

How many jars of soap can one woman have?

Gosh I love this little peacock plate...I actually have four, but really, don't you think four plates of soaps would be a little much?

I have four of these too...see above precious!

This will go in my master bath...IF and WHEN it ever gets built!


Coach Been might get a little annoyed when he finds this near his sink when he gets here...
but he better get used to it!

Because his mother-in-law-to-be

 kinda loves her some soap


By Nela said...

Me gusta!!!
Feliz fin de Semana.
Un abrazo. Manoil

LKB said...

Got to be the "cleanest" post I've ever read! Beautiful soaps....I have soap envy.

designchic said...

I love soap too and have several of the same ones...makes such a pretty bathroom!

Maureen at The Inglenook Decor said...

adore soaps & their packaging & ur containers r just adorable!