Thursday, March 8, 2012


The victim

The accomplice

The 2nd accomplice

The crime

The weapon

The guilty

The innocent


I have been doing an investigation in my kitchen where the crime occurred to see how long it would take to be discovered.  Since it has been weeks, and I am somewhat (not all the way) over it, I will blab all over the tarnation.  

This crime is no longer on the down low.

We got that cute little black stool (weapon) so that sweet innocent could reach to help cook or what ever other chores she might be helping with when visiting Poppy's house.

As you can see, it has sharp corners and can be easily missed especially in the pitch black.

822 has this cute little lighted art niche where we just for fun we will  put things there that have no value or beauty to tease with each other...introduce the two accomplices.  For awhile hubs and I would each put in the clown vase or the 25 cent owl in the art niche.  For more fun I thought I would hide it.

I was putting away (far far away) the blown glass vase to hide its atrocity and because I was in a hurry, I left that stool right in front of the fridge!  When I went downstairs in the middle of the night it was not where it should have been (double crime) and I kicked it right into that brand new fridge!  I always knew the way baby bo peep (innocent) slung that stool around, she would be the one to do the crime.


I searched google for a fix and let me tell you...there is not one!  The best advice I read was to accept these nicks that will live in a kitchen well cooked in.

I do feel a bit better because so far..until this blog...not one single person has noticed it.

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Tammy @ Barefoot in Blujeans said...

Your a hoot. Great post. Have a wonderful day.