Saturday, March 17, 2012


Sometimes when the project before me gets to be too overwhelming
The destruction is almost too much to see beyond
The end is so far from where you are

I take a tour of my pretty little bathroom

Always a live green plant (PURA VIDA)

Always a jar full of soap

Always always an antique

Always the unexpected

Always a tiny little surprise that makes a big impact

Always music
(please forgive the view, it is on "the list")

Always more

Always a pretty chandy or two

Always and I mean always a memory

Always a save if you can

Always a collection

Always some love

For sure always some original art

Always the ceiling
(don't forget it's 1/5 of your room)

Always and I really mean it, always THE BEE

Always some pretty shiny glass

Always make your guest feel they are special in your home

Always a cute little rug on your cute little hex

Always a dreamy glow

And never forget what you always knew

You can do it.  You CAN do it!



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! Thank YOU for sharing and your bathroom resembles mine so much!!!! HAPPY DAY LOVING THOSE AROUND YOU! Anita


I enjoyed your beautiful bathroom's tour, thanks for sharing. You are right about all the ALWAYS, I like them too. I just came to visit you from someone's blog and your blog's title caught my eye: PURA VIDA...and yeah, I live that way too. I became your follower, hope you visit me and follow too. Enjoy the weekend.