Thursday, March 29, 2012


There seems to be some evidence that 
I Like Rabbits!

Found this in my garage yesterday and put a little fern in it...just in the nick of time

Cute little mold...looks a bit dusty

This is "me n my 3 peeps" in rabbit life

My bff got me this for my birthday one it!

Meet baby bo peep's rabbit friends..all 12 of them, one for each month (one is in my kitchen window in case you were counting) They can usually be seen on my piano keys

Remember I was digging around in my garage?

When I had my kiln at Zulu...we made some rabbits and cute little veggies for a rabbit patch, it was just really so darn cute...they were all sitting in a bed of real grass for an art show!

You are about to see a sad pattern..notice the ear?
Glued back on?  
Well...I have a little boy peep who went through a spurt of breaking stuff...even wrote a poem about him and all the stuff he broke.  It's called "The Cup Without a Handle"

He's 27 and just got married.  I'm not mad at him anymore..and it makes me laugh to think I just kept on gluing stuff back together...A. L.O.T.

These are missing some ears I do believe...did he think they were rabbit hot-wheels?

and speaking of missing

I have four of these little netsukes and when I was looking in my garage, I found the other stuff, but not them.  It will drive me crazy all day wondering where in the world I have packed them!

I have so much stuff packed away still that I bet I even have more rabbits than I can actually remember.

Hope you have a Happy Easter Season!


Anonymous said...

So many sweet bunnies! Hope your Easter is lovely!
~ Zuzu

Stacy Curran said...

I don't have any rabbits, but these sure are cute!

Tutti Chic said...

what adorable are so getting me in the mood for easter! :) chris