Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Lately hubs and I have been discussing how boring our entry was.
In the beginning we decided to "live" with it for a while and see what else we might add to it.

I am so inspired by the marble floors, chandeliers and giant palms in fancy hotels.

Fieldstone walls

These posts are soon to be removed and put on the end of each riser to make a curl...
some sort of communication issue...but it has to be changed and the acorns need something as well.
I wanted carpet up the stairs and that may happen too.

I don't mind the lack of color really because of all the other color so close to it

but this inspired me further and put a bee in my bonnet TODAY!

I have painted murals for years and I can't believe how nervous I am...I've always told my customers...if you don't like it we can just paint over it!  I'm remembering too well those scaffolds.

I always use too much paint!  

This job is mostly colored water

Ok...I'm thinking'll be ok

My palms are puny but hey...we live 100 miles away from fresh big palms
also thinking I need some satin lamp shades!  My bo-peep thinks I need bigger sconces.
You can barely see that tree!

hmmm...maybe I liked it better plain!  Could that be possible?  Oh only took me about an hour!
But NOT thinking I want to paint over it.  I may add some birds and pagodas. we go...all I need now is:

The railing fixed
lamp shades (???)
a fun blue ikat stair carpet
some Chinese blue pots for some
big new palms!

It could happen...I saved a bundle hiring myself!


HolleyGarden said...

You're so talented! And yes, I can imagine all those things you listed - railing, shade, carpet, and blue pots with big palms. Good luck with your vision!

niartist said...

My gosh, what amazing talent you have. I had to dig back through to find this post on your foyer, but I couldn't help myself after your comment! I am in love - wanna come to Buffalo and do mine??

I'm doing a week of bloggers with houses I love - and I wonder if you would be willing to be a part of it??? I'd just need pics of your house - most of which I can pull from your blog, but a few others too!

Let me know, and THANK YOU for coming by and reading/commenting! It means the world.