Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We are located on the High Plains in the top portion of the Texas Panhandle.
It's so flat that you can see the night lights of communities for miles and miles away.  In the daytime, you can see them by their groves of trees....and grain elevators.

We live in the grasslands and our trees are precious so I don't like it when
a: they die
b: folks cut them down on purpose

If you google earth 822, you can't even see the property for the trees
When we bought it, things had to change because it was just so wild and overgrown.
I have to tell you...it hurt me to cut trees down, but they will be replaced!
I keep thinking..."it's just what I get!"
(Our tree lined street is lovely!)

Last year was considered to be THE WORST DROUGHT in our history.  I didn't realize that an 80 year old tree could really die from that.  I kept thinking, they have been through droughts before.  Maybe so, but I fear I have trees that are not slow coming out...but trees, OLD trees, BIG trees, ESTABLISHED trees
that really might be gone

This has really been on my mind.  I am not a Catholic, but I have friends who are and so have tinkered with the fun part of their ways.  I have some Holy Water that was blessed by the Pope that my bff brought me back from the Vatican.  So...I got to thinking...

Yesterday, I called bo peep and baby bo peep and we hugged our trees

I gave the Holy Water to her and told her to tell the trees please not to die and to ask God if he could please let them get well.

So...she in her four year old preciousness, put her hands on every tree, dabbed them with some water, told them to please be well and asked God to help them be ok.

I know I know I know...it's a tree(s)
but they are living, they have a place on this property and have been there for nearly 90 years

I think that precious little prayer is worth a shot!


HolleyGarden said...

I hope your trees live. It's sad to see the big old ones die. I had a few very large trees die in last year's drought. It was almost random - there seemed no rhyme or reason which trees died and which ones survived.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Gina:
Well, we think that this was a beautiful idea. It is our view that trees are the purest form of gardening and we, like you, cannot bear to see them suffer, die or be cut down unnecessarily. However, dying is in the natural cycle of things and sometimes trees just do have to be replaced with younger specimens. Then one must have the thought that one is planting them not for one's own enjoyment but for future generations to admire!

Stacy Curran said...

I agree...definitely worth trying to save!

LKB said...

Now you have pulled out my most militant form of anger. Around here the utility companies hire other companies to "trim" the trees out of highline wires. I call these "other" companies "Tree Butchers." Well, I actually call them many other names but for fear of offending I will not share them. It really makes me angry to see them come along and cut deep "Vs" out of our gorgeous enormous trees. I'm pretty sure there is a better way but they are doing things as quickly and economically as they can. After all they are only trees. I will help you pray for your trees.

By Nela said...

Que lugar mas encantador. Un abrazo.


designchic said...

I totally agree, I would try hard to save beautiful, old trees. Love that your little one is participating...so hope they survive!

DeNise Koetting-Amarillo said...

Love that you care about the gifts God has given us. So many don't realize that everything of beauty if such a gift - just to us. I'll send up prayers for your trees as well. Love that you are teaching your little bo peep about beauty and caring at her young age. What a gift!