Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Did you know that cardinals (and other birds) feed each other?

Scientists have offered three different theories to explain courtship feeding: (1) courtship feeding allows females to evaluate the kind of parent a male would make for her offspring, (2) courtship feeding strengthens the bond between mated males and females, or (3) courtship feeding provides nesting females with extra nutrition during a time when they can’t travel far to forage.

I sit most mornings very early, drinking a cup of coffee, reading my bible, thinking about the day before me...watching nature wake up.

The last few days I have seen a pair of cardinals at my feeder and witnessed the male hopping over to the female and gently placing a seed in her beak.  I could  not stand how precious this was!! 

I began to read a little bit about it and you can too at the link above.

I told my daughter this morning
"let your man be the man...depend on him to take care of you in all ways...and you do the same for him in the ways you can....

a tidy home that smells like supper when he walks in...laundry tumbling...baby sleeping..fire burning, flowers on the window sill....

let him earn the living
you make life worth the living

romance in the most simple form

right outside my window



Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I love my cardinals...they always seem so happy flitting about and singing.
Sweet , sweet post.
Hugs, T.

Heather - New House New Home said...

Didn't know this about birds - but it makes great sense.

And your advice to your daughter is exactly how I try to live my life - wife first. After many years of contributing financially to the household, it's a blessing that I'm able to be that wife. And it makes my husband even happier. If only more of the younger generation understood this.

You are a wise soul, my friend. Thanks for sharing another nugget of wisdom with us.

Marissa said...

No wonder I love cardinals so much!!
Great advice to your daughters sometimes men don't want to come home to nagging wife, screaming kids and a dirty home and then well, the problems start...
I love having a clean home and truthfully I don't always have dinner ready on the dot sometimes we finish it together as we talk about our day. but, every weekend Fridays and Saturdays ) he treats me to Dinner...Love this post..

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Well said. We often forget the natural roles that nature gives to the male and female of any species.

handmade by amalia said...

Such sweethearts!