Friday, January 27, 2012


Hub:   Want to go with me to Amarillo for PRPC Meeting?
Me:    Yes but need to be back in time for the forum...I have a few things to do for it and don't want to rush
Peep:  I have to go to Amarillo what are you doing today?

Hub text:  I took your phone by mistake
Peep:  Ha...B is texting from your phone to call you.  Let's go to NEST
Me:  There's another cute store too

Note on NESTt door:  Back from lunch at 2
Me n Peep:  Let's go to Grey is Gray and come back

2:15 Note on NEST door:  Back from lunch at 2
Peep:  I need to go
Me:  I do too

Me:  Around the block and back to NEST

Text to B:  I found us a 1924 Baby Grand

Pick B up from PRPC meeting back to NEST

Purchase 1924 Baby Grand that will be three years older than our house and live in the pink "music room"

While this part of the day may seem quite random and bizarre, we actually always discussed that hub would love to have a baby grand in front of the picture window and the living room would actually be the room in which all those who are able to play an instrument how ever so slightly, would entertain those who were willing to listen.

I just had no idea that day would come today.

So glad we bought Betty that flute on our trip!

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