Saturday, January 29, 2011


My house is full.  Even though we don't yet live there and even though it is still is full and it has come to life.

It is alive with hard working talented men who don't know much English.  It is alive with men who pour concrete and dig holes and tear out nails and plumb pipes and wire lights and enjoy the work they do.

As I painted cabinet doors upstairs, because many of the walls are missing, I could hear the voices below me well.

I recognized a few words.  Gillispie..I am assuming we are "the project house"...koala sprinkled here and there. 

And there is one person who says things and when he does everyone always laughs...that is the sound that is the most attractive...the laughter coming from the workers who are proud of what they accomplish each day.  They work hard and go home to a good supper and a sweet family.  At least that is my hope for them.

In the day, with me...they share their gifts and time...and as I work side by side with those whose language I don't understand, I realize how incredibly lucky I am.  Together, we will bring this house to life.  It will have soul and heart and a new sidewalk and a new light or two...but will be full of laughter....and love.

O yay!

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LKB said...

And that laughter is being nailed into the walls and infused into your paint. Building a house from the ground up gives you the opportunity to give your house a "soul" - I am glad your house will be one with a happy soul.