Tuesday, January 18, 2011


A rooster in a box in the back of your SUV might not be quite so funny if you're the one getting the rooster in a box.

But, I must admit it brought me back to some old memories that also were not quite so funny at the time, but crack me up today.

Divorce and all that implies. 

Gifts from uncle dad included:

BB gun
Shar pei puppy
Rottweiller puppy
cute little house bunny
machete knife
cow dog puppy...who can resist?  It seems like there were more, but I can't remember them now.

Time heals all wounds and adds a humorous slant to life.  And the answer to the all important "why can't you and dad just be friends" question is this:  "If we could be friends we could be married."

So, to all the peeps who got a chicken in a box with a lid...at least you got corn to go with....and remember....this too shall pass.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh Poppy...indeed. Keep reminding us.