Thursday, January 20, 2011


Re-arrange my art.

How, I ask myself, am I so lucky that I am still sitting here in my Victoria Secret striped jammies on this frosty January morning writing a blog entry?

And after I skip my usual chores and hop into a steamy shower to dress for the day and then run by my castle of a house to make sure the crew is busy moving my stairs, it might be time for Chinese with hubby.

I will spend part of the afternoon moving my stacked up artwork into categories by color and subject and where it will hang.  Then I will have peep happy hour and then off to dinner with friends.


I seem quite spoiled.

To keep myself from feeling giddy and guilt ridden...I remind myself that....

I have pumped gas on frosty January days such as this.  I also happen to know from experience what a zerk is.  I have born and raised 3 feisty children into adulthood.  I have spent many hours on the floor painting furniture in my hot garage to earn extra money.  I have picked up trash after ostrich races in the blistering summer sun.  I have hauled water, loaded panels, painted for charity, and well....I am certainly not a lazy person.  In fact...oh yeah...I have been sitting here at my computer editing 4 online news sites since before sunrise.

I will not take this day for granted or get lost in whether I deserve it or not.  I realize I will have plenty of hard work days ahead and when they get here...I will live them with a very happy heart! I get dressed and have Chinese with hubby...I will re-arrange my art.

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