Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yesterday was a pretty productive day as I only had two bad things happen to me.

1. I wet my pants
2. I dropped the PO bomb to a preacher

I went on a roundabout which included purchasing more paint, dropping off fabric, going to buy champagne for a celebration and an interview with a DJ. 3 towns in 3 hours. When I drove into the store parking lot I thought to myself…man…I gotta go! By the time I got to the bathroom located way back in the far back corner…I realized I should have been thinking about that long before I did. My next thought was “Man! Am I going to have to start paying attention to those bladder control advertisements that I see in my middle of the night insomnia?

So…I have to attend my meeting with well….slightly wet pants. YIKES!!

As if that weren’t bad enough…during my two hour long interview and conversation, one teeny tiny little portion went something like this….

DJ: so how’s NNNNNN treating you?
Me: I think I really p’d her off…only I said the words.

Now..I am a polite southern lady and I realized after it slipped out of my mouth that I needed it washed out with soap. But later in the interview, while taking a closer look at the many awards of excellence on the wall, I find they all have something in common…he is a minister.

Whoa! And WHOA!

I felt like I had dropped the f-bomb.. which of course I would never do. Man…why did I forget my glasses!!!

When I got home and was telling my peeps about my 2 faux pas they made me feel so much better. Peep said..mom that has happened to me and I’m only 30…she was referring to the not making it to the bathroom in time….no comments on the PO bomb….just 4 raised eyebrows.

All became right in the “I’m Getting Old Department” when hubby opened up his latest Ebay purchase and found the cool shoes he ordered had a sponge heel that looked like spectator nurse shoes in black. But he really made my day when he came in from outside and announced he had fallen in the yard.

Seems as though someone moved in his or her BBQ grill right in the path to the woodpile and he took a tumble while rounding the corner.

I’m guessing he was pretty p’d off and possibly even wet his pants.


LKBeshears said...

Oh Honey! Who among us has not gone through the day with a folded up wad of toilet paper in our frillies? There are dark forces at work that cause this - too busy, explosive unexpected laughter OR sneezing, coughing works as well. In my case all it takes is to really NEED to go and have the destination object come into view. Suddenly....the NEED ratchets up into high gear.
Oh....and about the PO remark - not to worry...we all know it is far better to be P'd off than P'd ON.

blhitchcock901 said...

I'm laughing hysterically! I have a friend and we laugh so much we pee our pants. We, of course, wear out poise pads and like pampers when they are wet, we call them our "loaf of bread."