Tuesday, February 16, 2010


What would you say if? Just what would you say if….you…..

 Went to New Orleans

 Had a beer in the airport

 Had a beer on the plane(s)

 Met in the courtyard for a beer(s)

 Went on a Haunted Pub Crawl with a guide named Bloody Mary

 Had a real Absinthe shot and sugar cube melted with fire

 And danced in the open space

 Had photos taken that were filled with orbs

 Had more than 1 hurricane at Pat O’Brien’s while cheating at Spades

 Went to the casino and grabbed a beer(s)

 Lost your 1st $100 on black 11 Roulette

 Lost count of the next lost $100s

 Had a mimosa(s) to celebrate

 Had your palm read in Jackson Square by a girl named Betty with big boobs

 Visited a cemetery in the projects

 Had an ice cold Abita(s) with your crab platter

 Tried on $800 hats for your upcoming trip to the Derby

 Told the hat maker you’d be back at 2 to purchase hat

 Sang the cornbread song….over and over

 Made your ringtone the cornbread song

 Sat on a couch with an art dealer in the dark to view $11K painting in dim light

 Told art dealer you’d be back at 4 to purchase art
 Needed a sippy cup for your beer(s)


I would say “Man, that was one fat Tuesday!”

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