Thursday, July 28, 2016


You don't want me to get into a political rant!  It's not nice.

My dad always taught me it was rude to discuss politics and religion and under no circumstances are you to ever
ask who a person who they are voting for.

Especially this this dynamic, boisterous, bombastic, heated 47%/47%/ election climate
do I understand what he meant.

that being said
I am a die hard

red through and through
most years I just check the Republican box
and for the record
he wasn't really my first choice since I was so excited to think of the possibility of another
Texas President
Perry or Cruz either way! 

but I am also a hippie so what I really want
is to  just live and let live and live in peace

which brings me to
Marcella from Mexico

with his own bare hands
he turned this

into this

He is young, handsome, honest, sweet, kind, dear and so talented you just cannot believe it
he calls a sprinkler...sprinkles...he is also a farmer

in our town, there are 4 contractors and everyone of them are good and busy
so there is room for man like Marcella to be here.  He is not taking anyone's work.  He is employing others and teaching them skills.  He is raising his family.  He is spending my daughter's money on our local economy.

He adores his wife.  His children are in school.  He just wants to live here and he is scared. 

I want him to live here too. 
I want...for him...a way

we can find a way
for him to own his
American Dream


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Marcella does beautiful work! We need skilled people who still take pride in their work- they are hard to come by. I believe that there is room in America for anyone who truly wants to be here, so I hope that he does succeed and live a happy life with his family here in America. As far as politics, I love and share your hippie attitude. While I disagree with some of what Trump says, I do agree with some of it and will be voting for him come November.
I was raised Republican and remain so, but I respect anyone and everyone who takes the time to listen and educate themselves on the issues facing our nation and then makes a choice that makes sense to them. We won't all agree and that's ok.
That's all. :) xoxo, T.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

My mother's family was democrat. She voted the way her family did until she turned 80. Her faith crumbled with Kerry. With Gore she turned Republican. She loves Donald Trump as do every woman I come in contact with. I consider myself an Independent. I actually voted for Bill Clinton twice. I also voted for George W Bush twice. I would never vote for Hillary and would never vote for Jeb. I worked for the Federal government for 30 years and I so agree with Trump that we need to rid ourselves of politicians and political appointees and turn America around. More babies are killed by knives than by guns. Thanks for opening up this dialog. I look forward to other's opinions even if I don't agree with them.

Heather Benton said...

As a Canadian, It's been interesting watching the politics play out this primary (and now convention) season. I honestly don't know who would get my vote in this election. There are things both of these nominees say that sway me towards them, but there are also things I just don't agree with. I don't envy your choices this year!

As for Marcella - he should be able to build a better for his family - I hope there is a way that the new president can make that happen.

StagerLinda said...

Good for you Gina to stand by your convictions. I'm still in a head spin about this whole political debacle. I have a background in marketing and appreciate how Trump has risen from a wildcard to The Republican Candidate. Can't say I "heart" Trump. Man, you are brave! I appreciate your fortitude to speak your mind and endorse him. Dear Lord, I feel so blessed to live in the United States and have the opportunity to vote. But, I HATE having to decide between two extremists that I don't endorse. Bravo to you for knowing where you stand. Wish I was a staunch supporter with in a choice. I weep for American...

handmade by amalia said...

A great makeover! A good contractor is not to be taken lightly :-)