Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DANG 101

When I graduated from high school I hardly even said the word butt. College certainly changed that and my cussing habits got a little out of hand. When I had my children, I stopped cussing and started biting my fingernails. Then I started letting those bad words slip more and more as they got to be teenagers…(mostly under my breath and outside behind the pecan tree)…but nevertheless, I let the habit creep up on me again.
Most years, my resolution was to quit. I don’t do it that much anymore because it’s important to me that I have better control of myself and let beauty grace my lips.
So, I came up with Dang 101, which simply put is to see how many ways can you say dang.
First of all, and most simply.
I challenge you. Let your mind get a little creative and give it a whirl.
DANG. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang. Danguh. Hecky Dang. Dang It. Dangggggit. Gosh Dang. Gosh Darn Dang. Ding Dang. Well I’ll be dang. Well, I’ll JUST BE DANG. Whoooohoooodang. Dangahangadangdangdang. Dippity Dang. Dang Ya’ll. Frickin Dang. Dang a Mercy. And my favorite of all. Damn Dang. Oops!

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