Sunday, February 10, 2013


For the upstairs art loft I found a decent garage sale
buffet to use as my sink

Step 1
find your inspiration in both color and feel
I love this fabric..the colors and the light-hearted garden feel
I had it made into a duvet cover for the old day bed

I removed all the drawers, doors and hardware to give it a base coat
I used the the flat latex paint I used on the wall

my new favorite tool is this small roller

did you know you can make any color of paint with just three?
Red, yellow and blue...and of course white and black always help
for depth and light

I had considered "plaid-ing" the top of the sideboard, but changed my mind
for this you need several different size brushes, a few colors and 
then just relax...the lines look so much better when they aren't perfect!

Red bold line

other size brushes for smaller colors
this works on anything...even walls!  For large spaces like walls I use a wall paint roller 

blue and yellow make green!

grass cloth is so expensive, I never throw any of it away
I really like to use it on furniture for texture
you can even fold little pieces of it for cool tags!
The veneer was coming loose on the some kind of cover up was a good idea here

Also here would be a good place for any kind of wallpaper or wrapping paper
I just happened to have the grass cloth on hand today

Let the furniture lines dictate your style
I just painted all the places a different color that were already different

I don't always seal my furniture
sometimes I like a glossy look
sometimes I don't

I haven't found the perfect sink to go here yet..that's why I left the top very plain

a cheerful little room with lots of light for my ferns

I kind of got bored with the project because I have so many to do...but in general
this is how it will look
I think this could be a cute baby changing table too

while digging around...I found Mr. P.V.'s 
id's tiny...he probably gave it some 3rd grader when they started going steady

I have been saving lots and lots of wine bottles this winter
I'm much too embarrassed to throw them in the I have to find something useful to do with them
whew...they sure seem to be stacking up!

Don't you love this color of glass?

We have barely had a winter this all my friends digging out of the snow
I hope you had some fun artistic projects to help you make it through!


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful paint job! I love it, we could use a little more wine to get us through this winter here, its been a beast!

Burlap Luxe said...

Totally love it, it reminds me a bit like Mackenzie child's pieces, I love her style and you have captured it beautifully.

Can't wait to see it in its place showing off to the room it inspires.

Thank you sweet friend for visiting my X's and O's
Valentine love.


Marissa said...

Wow! That is some awesome painting talent you got going..Love how it turned out.. I would never be able to do that.. That is talent!

Geneva said...

You did a fabulous job painting that buffet ... it will be perfect for your sink. You always inspire!!! I save wine bottles too...for the same exact reason. :o)

Maureen said...

I wish I could free hand paint like that! This is going to be the coolest vanity ever.