Monday, December 6, 2010


Copper finials arrive. 

I am the type of person who hangs a strip of wallpaper and then a picture. In other words, getting completely ahead of things.

We are so far away from any kind of decor, but finials have arrived and I am consumed with finding a way to attach them to the 30+ foot peaks.

Text message to Manny: Are you afraid to get on the roof at 822?

Manny:  No.  Why do we need to?

Me:  To set some copper finials.

Manny:  I will meet you there in 5

Me to peeps:  I have a real bad feeling about Manny.  He's so young and I wouldn't let my son get up on that roof.

Peeps:  I don't think he should. He could get hurt.

Manny and his peeps arrive.  Manny is fine but his peep helper is LOADED!  No way! 

But just around the corner is an angel unaware, complete with cherry picker.  And his own tools.  And a giving spirit. 

He has no idea he just saved Manny and peep's lives. 

As dusk approaches, first one copper finial, then two, then three.

Angels come in all forms and ways.  With all kinds of good to do.

What I wonder is this...does Manny have any idea he had an angel step in on his behalf?

I know I do. 


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