Wednesday, December 8, 2010


1 box of red jello
1 can of green beans
1 banana nut muffin
When you walk into the store, get a small basket just inside.  Put these 3 things in the basket.  Take them to the front and pay for them.  Charge them to me.  Our charge number is 127. 
These are my instructions to my 4 year old peep.  Why? 

I am exercising her memory, expanding her world, and giving her freedom.

I sit in the car and wait for her to walk out...with her bouncy blonde ponytail and toothy grin.

After she does this a time or two...I'll give her 5 things to remember to get.

When she is 8 she announces that she wants to be a Rhodes Scholar.  I didn't even know what that was.  I had to look it up...without the aid of the internet.

She went on to save the whales, crusade on behalf of  no more elephant ivory, and start a spirit squad in her backyard all the while planning a "BIG SALE ON THE PORCH" and writing a book about squirrels and birds.

Well, no wonder.

Today, she is a landman.  She is a single mother of her clone.  She is about to purchase a home.  A nice one.  She is about to go to Rome.  Alone.  She has issues and struggles every day.  She never says a bad word.  She is a light of energy.  And she is indeed...a Road Scholar.

Who knew?

I am glad.  I want to be on her road.  It's a good one.