Sunday, December 12, 2010


Just at the corner of the Dumas highway where it intersects onto Lake Merideth road we stopped the car.

We had discussed becoming blood brothers before and knew that it was something we wanted to do.  My idea I'm sure as I remember watching westerns with my brothers.  They always played cowboys and Indians and they always pretended to be blood brothers.  Except they didn't have to pretend.  They are real life blood brothers.

He pulled out a little needle and I wondered a. where did he get it and b. how long had he had it
"You ready?"
He drew blood first.
I held out my finger, closed my eyes and got ready for the stab.

We were both bleeding ever so slightly as we sat on the side of the road.

We mixed our blood and swore to be blood brothers for life.
And then we sealed it with a kiss.

That was 15 years ago.

Blood is thicker than water...and... love is thicker than blood.

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