Monday, September 20, 2010


A. How in the h-e-double L did I get to be 50?
B. How in the h-e-double L did I acquire so much stuff?

I'll tell you how...going to auctions to entertain ourselves and hoping for that one treasure like you see on the Antique Roadshow. And going on very cool trips thinking you need to bring back art as your souvenir...that's how. Both seem to involve mimosas.

It really seems so harmless until the time comes to move 2 blocks down the street.

I can tell you what is not making the move:

1. Nacho warmer accidently purchased at auction while signing to hubby across the room
2. Wagon wheel headboards purchased at auction on purpose for hubby to turn into something
3. 2 copper and turquoise 1950 era bread boxes, which thank heaven just sold on ebay.

What will make the move:

This angel purchased in Madrid....New Mexico...will be hand delivered along with 3 signed Bunnells, 1 fake Bunnell, 1 Bunnell portrait by a different Bunnell lover...and at least 972, 486 other items.

And like I always say...when in doubt....


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