Thursday, November 6, 2014


Hidden behind this jumanji jungle
is the original entry to 822, complete with my life long dream of a curvy sidewalk

after we bought the house October 2010,  I spent a few days making a way to enter
with Mr. PV's machete...chop chop!

this is how the entry unassuming
a sweet little cozy LITTLE thing
( you can understand why the mister wanted a more grand entrance)

we had recently returned from a trip to Peru
I have always loved churches 
especially the tiny ones along the country side 
Nicholson Ranch Winery Sonoma Valley


this tiny village chapel in Arequipa became my inspiration for the little vestibule that was to become
the heart and soul of 822

Are you ready for today?

we kept the porch just removing the sidewalk and door

the walls are very colorful...all four walls are painted like the photo

I painted my antique French Bombe chest, and use it for whatever collections I might want to display
this tends to be seasonal--always a prayer candle
and always photos of loved ones

an antique Easter card, a monarch butterfly and a robin egg
~pura vida~

I have a secret letter in my nicho that I hope someone will find years and years from now
hint:  It's a love letter

my Saint a Day from Santa Fe

prayer beads from Greece, fatima font from Rome

Mary is most inspiring mother of all time

As a reno girl living in the Texas Panhandle
I am not afraid of
  • the wind blowing my hair-do
  • going downtown with paint under my fingernails
  • spiders in my cupboards
  • a spat over concrete
  • snakes 
  • tornadoes
  • rusty nails
  • lead pipes
  • asbestos
  • professing that I am a Methodist Christian "Catholic Wannabe"
I took this photo without a flash in a large church while in Peru
I was zoomed in on a large altar...I give my word that I have not touched this photo in 
any way whatsoever 
and when I saw it the first time I nearly kind of even scares me to still have it

I do believe that evil is alive and well in this world and that is why this tiny little space is so important to me
one doesn't need a hammer all the time
sometimes just a perspective of grace and mercy and humility

and of course

  • Replaced the door with stain glass windows via eBay
  • Removed the carpet to reveal the wood floor
  • Replaced the light fixture via Lowes
  • Painted the mural
  • Filled it with spirituality to permeate our home, our marriage, our family and our life
~~Biggest Challenge~~
The challenge here was to make the new paint on the walls looks as old as the walls in the inspiration chapel.  I did this by painting the bright colors first and then using a very watered down version of paint and letting it drip down the walls..using Peony about 1/10 parts water...several times

~~Favorite Thing~~
This space is filled with a wide collection, gathered over time, 
of many things one would find in a chapel
rosaries, crosses, prayer beads, books, bibles, angels, Madonnas, holy water and my cheetah chair!

These are a few of my favorite 


Row homes and Cobblestones said...

I loved seeing the beauty in your soulful spiritual expression in this post. Warmth surrounds with your colorful art on the walls. I am a Catholic and find peace in your collections and room.
But Gina that photo is indeed frightening and looking at it I see evil but what really is scary is that the image changes in the photo. I don't think I would keep that photo, just saying...

Anonymous said...

its amazing, the collections of your lie and travels are what I ind th most interesting, the spooky photo, that is terrifying, what the heck is up with that, angry spirit in that church, wow, thats spooky!

chateau chic said...

You have created a very inspirational entry into your lovely home.
Mary Alice

Brandi said...

Your entry has been completely transformed. It's so beautiful now.

Algodão Tão Doce said...

Olá amiga, por isso o Senhor nos adverte, para estarmos sempre vigilantes...(Efésios 6,10-20)
Doce abraço Marie.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dear, dear Gina! Your entrance way really has livened up and what gorgeous details you have added! I LOVE YOUR HOUSE! And light overcomes the darkness...and that creepy image is quite telling...

White Lace and Promises said...

Where would we be without grace. I love this comforting post.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Very beautiful and comforting indeed!! Have a great weekend :)

Revi said...

Wow...what a wonderful space! Love your mural and all your keepsake finds...I collect some similar ones. Yes, your photo is sort of creepy...but you're right. The unseen spirit things are eternal, and things we can touch are not. The Bible tells us that!

SuperLux said...

Interesting collection of photos. Hope you had a great time while taking them.

bj said...

How beautiful this is now. You are really putting your heart and soul into this...and it shows..So lovely.

Maureen Wyatt said...

I'm so surprised that such an evil looking image could show up in a church. It's really spooky. The house, and especially the niche, is delightful. I would have a hard time visiting with you because I'd be busy looking around at all the fascinating bits and pieces you pull together so well!