Monday, February 3, 2014


 OK...I'm 56 years old
I HAVE had a cleaning woman in my past a time here or there when I 
had a csection or 3
a great BIG party
a broken knee
laser surgery

but as I was cleaning 822 today I was thinking about if I was weird to be liking it?
I admit....I am a maid snob!

that being out of the closet... here are my top 5 reasons I like to clean my own house

1.  I actually enjoy being in and around the rooms we have worked so hard to create
2.  It's great exercise
3.  No one will ever clean it the way I clean one!
4.  It's not that dirty...a little dust...a few spider webs...a bit of wine on the floor
5.  I'm cheap...or maybe I'm expensive...but it saves me money I can use on other more things to dust around

I find it very rewarding and one thing I especially love?

I love to have a dinner party with friends and NEVER is a dish done by one our guests
I'm stingy like that
I want the luxury of lingering over last night's dishes
hot sudsy water
hand washing the crystal
looking out the kitchen window down Barkley Street
and counting myself so lucky to have friends and family to share life with

btw...this is not me...although I do have curlers in my hair and red lipstick on


Leslie said...

Fun post Gina and I'd have to agree with a fee of your reasons;) it's expensive and it's tough to find someone that treats your home the way you do.

Revi said...

I am the maid, too! But sometimes, like now, I think I should fire myself and hire someone better. Seriously, I agree with all your reasons...especially about guests not doing dishes. :)

Heather - New House New Home said...

I'm the maid too. And proud of it. Like you, I've had cleaning ladies in the past. But now that I'm home, I take pride in doing it myself. Although I must admit that there are days where I don't get as much done as I would like or that the house needs. But I figure if I'm home all day, it's the least I can do for this old house.

Bonnie said...

I am the maid too. I share some of the same reasons as you for not having a maid. This was a fun post and unique in that I don't believe I have read a post about this before.

I do let my friends help with the dishes sometimes if they offer because it is a great time of fellowship. Sometimes I would prefer leaving the dishes until morning to linger at the table with conversation.

I bet you have some great cleaning tips.

Stacy Curran said...

I'm sure no one will ever clean as well as the homeowner...but I still HATE doing it!!!

Laura said...

You are so smart, but I knew that.
I call cleaning and anything else I can do fast slinging.

Have a blessed week friend,

chateau chic said...

I'm the maid at my house too! I agree, no one is as thorough as I like to be, and I'd rather spend my money other ways.
Mary Alice

HolleyGarden said...

I'm the maid, too, although my husband likes to help out! (And I let him!) ;) I love your line of looking out the window and counting yourself lucky. It's a good way to feel.

Akanksha Jain said...

I still have cleaning women at my house but the way i clean, i cant expect the same from anyone else. Coz house is mine and I am the best person to take care of it

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Will you come and do these things at my place??? My dishes are piling up!

JoAnne Weisser said...

I don't like to clean but I do love for my house to be clean. Lately, I have been telling myself to think about how lucky I am to have a nice home that I love and then I don't mind the cleaning as much. Maybe if I put curlers in my hair it would almost be fun! : )

Maureen Wyatt said...

I can't say that I love cleaning but I don't like paying someone else to do it either. I never let guests do dishes. It wastes the time we can be spending together and I like the down time afterwards, puttering away at the sink. Wearing lipstick while you clean is tres chic!